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How to make a girl happy? How to make your girlfriend the happiest?

If you have a relationship, and you want them to become better, it’s worth considering the steps that you could take to make life more enjoyable for your partner - and, accordingly, for you. Here are 10 key principles you can look for to make your girlfriend happy.

Three things to make happy

Do not know how to make a girl happy and what to give her? Then take our advice. If your chosen one loves you, she will certainly want to always have a piece of your warmth with her. Therefore, use the so-called "gentleman's set" and present her with three things that will always be with her:

  • A teddy bear or any other soft toy so that the chosen one can hug your gift at night when you are not nearby.
  • A modest piece of jewelry (better if it is a ring) for everyday wear. Looking at the ring, the girl will always think about you.
  • Your t-shirt. A piece of your physical heat and energy on her body in a home environment is so romantic.

How to make a girl happy without money: show attitude in public

It turns out that you can make the chosen one happy without money, because girls love it so much when the relationship in a couple is shown openly. It is important for her to meet your friends and relatives. However, if you prepare this event, it will not produce such an effect as if everything happens spontaneously. Walking in the park, you accidentally meet a group of your friends. Imagine your beloved to them as an official friend or bride, and she will certainly light up with happiness.

Put the chosen one on your shoulders in a crowd of people at a concert or pick her up in your arms, moving him through a puddle. She will certainly appreciate such diligence, because the girl is not looking for ideality in her chosen one, she wants him to be ready to become ideal for her sake. And any manifestation of such readiness will certainly make her happy.

More often be with your soulmate in public, she must be sure that you are pleased to be in her company. Do not make a fatal mistake - do not change your attitude towards the girl in the circle of your friends, she must be confident in you. You can just take your girlfriend’s hand for a moment in your palm, it doesn’t matter where this happens. Let's open a little secret: there are too many nerve endings in the palms, and some people consider touching their palms as something intimate.

Photo as a trophy

Now you know how to make a girl happy, it remains to add a few extra touches to the picture. Do you know that girls are very fond of showing their chosen one to friends, sisters and mothers? So give her the opportunity to enjoy the moment and allow her to take pictures of herself as often as she asks. Do not deny the beloved in shared pictures, even if you are not a special fan of taking pictures.

Listen to her

This has become a familiar cliche: men refuse to listen, and there's nothing to be done about it. Maybe it's time to move away from lazy stereotypes by starting an active listening practice? It’s simple to banal: you ask questions, how she is, how you are doing, and then sit and patiently wait for an answer. Sometimes she just wants to be heard, so the girl will understand that you care about her.

Buy the right gifts

Within a few weeks before an important event, pay attention to the tips that she can give you about gifts that she would like to receive, or try to get help from mutual friends who could advise on new options.

When you are alone

Girls equally value the manifestation of warmth, care and romance, both in public and in private. Just in private, you have more opportunities for self-expression.

Always say compliments to the beloved, and repeat the phrase “you're beautiful” at every opportunity. Approach the girl from behind and hug, unexpectedly kiss on the neck, without investing in this gesture of an erotic background. So the girl will be sure that she is more important for you, and not the fact of being close to her.

You can make her comfortable and put on your alarm clock instead of a signal or a melody, a message where her voice sounds. Know how to appreciate the little things and remember that for girls it is very important.

Leave lovely notes for the darling wherever she is. If you do not have such an opportunity, just call her and tell me how she is dear to you.

Not sure how to make a girl happy? Put your hand in her hair and play a little with them. At such moments, the girl is able to experience true bliss.

Show interest in her hobbies

If your girlfriend has a favorite pastime that you have always effectively ignored, strengthen her respect by showing a certain interest in her. You do not have to take part all the time, but if you watch the performances or leave a positive review about the blog, it will make her feel her own value in your pair. Mutual respect is the key to a successful relationship, therefore, if you behave as if her interests are random, now is the time to show some enthusiasm.

Jokes and female nonsense

Joke with your chosen one, bring her as many positive emotions as possible, give joy and laughter. So she will feel even more comfortable next to you.

Always listen to all her nonsense, even if she is chatting incessantly, and this has been going on for an hour. Know that she is simply experiencing an emotional upsurge, and you and your presence are the “fault” of everything.

Learn to notice changes in her appearance, believe me, it is important for girls to hear this. If you do not have the opportunity to see her for a while, just call and say that you miss so much, and your chosen one will certainly experience happiness.

Awareness of the pivotal role

We examined almost all the basic needs of girls, leading to a state of happiness. Do not forget that every representative of the beautiful half of humanity longs not only to feel desired and unique, but also to occupy a dominant role in the life of her man. In other words, it’s not enough for her to know that she cannot have competitors, she must be sure that you will spend this weekend with her, and not with friends, on fishing.

Take on part of household chores

If you lead a joint life, it is important to be sure that you are doing everything possible so that the environment is clean and livable. Despite the general step towards gender equality in our society, studies show that women still carry an unfair burden when it comes to housework. Some discrepancies can be attributed to sexist ideas about who should do housework, but there are also some studies that show that men simply notice more slowly when things need to be cleaned, which means they tend to have a higher threshold of disorder than women.

Plan joint trips

Regardless of whether you can allow yourself to take a whole week of vacation, or simply organize a long weekend, joint planning of vacations will certainly improve your relationship. Waiting for a vacation is often as exciting as the main event, so start sending each other photos of Jamaican beaches and discounts on airline tickets.

Be careful in bed

If you notice that your girlfriend’s enthusiasm for sex has recently weakened, you may have to change your usual routine sex life. When it becomes clear that something needs to be changed, men often make the mistake of believing that things should be harder, faster, or longer. Women often hate this. The key to the pleasure of your girlfriend, as a rule, is not to introduce new wild poses and props, but to a greater extent in clear communication and sincere interest in her pleasure.

Measure the level of affection

You read the material on how to make your girlfriend happier, so it is clear that you really appreciate the relationship that you have now. Assuming she feels the same way, the surest way to make her smile is to increase your level of commitment. Depending on the duration of the relationship, the process can transform into different forms: it can mean buying a car or pet together, moving to each other, or a wedding, family. Remember, a happy relationship is a constant job.