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How to cope with the onset of menstruation if no one is home

Such a malaise is familiar to many women. Suddenly, tearfulness, irritability, anguish rolls over, all kinds of obsessive thoughts rummage in the head, and sudden outbursts of anger may arise. Nobody seems to need you, and life sucks. However, menstruation comes - and again everything is ok. But what was the day before?

In the language of psychologists, such a painful condition is called "premenstrual depression." It occurs against the background of hormonal changes - a significant reduction in progesterone. It is also called the "pregnancy hormone." In addition, electrolyte imbalance occurs: the body loses calcium and accumulates sodium in excess.

What do women want before menstruation?

To begin with, there is nothing terrible in this whole story. Such things happen to 80% of women of childbearing age. Old midwives explain premenstrual depression in this way: the body “cries” because it was not able to conceive: the blood that has accumulated for the birth of a child “dies” and goes outside - that’s the mood.

True, people with an unstable psyche on such days have a risk of nervous breakdowns and even the appearance of suicidal thoughts. Losing control over themselves, some representatives of the weaker sex become eager for strong drinks. Others are not averse to indulging in drugs.

Neurological disorders are often added to reduce the emotional background: sleep problems, migraines, increased pressure, dizziness, palpitations, chest pains, fainting. Concerned about weakness, fatigue, forgetfulness, distraction, lethargy.

Burns, cuts, accidents on the road for women driving - frequent companions premenstrual depression. A cheerful talker can turn into a recluse, and an incorrigible coquette suddenly starts to avoid contact with the opposite sex.

Often a wolfish appetite wakes up. At the same time, a special craving for sweets arises. Can swell stomach, feel sick. The chest grows and hardens, sometimes it hurts. Muscle or joint pain can occur. The skin is covered with acne, it becomes swollen. Often there is an increase in weight.

Such a complex of unhealthy manifestations can cause panic in suspicious women: is this not a manic-depressive psychosis? To avoid such fears, it is necessary to find out how temporary female discomfort differs from bipolar affect disorder.

Symptoms in premenstrual depression:

• disappear during pregnancy,

• declare themselves monthly on the 21st day of the menstrual cycle,

• after the birth of the child, they flow into the symptoms of postpartum depression,

• aggravated with age,

• often accompanied by complaints related to the flow of the menstrual cycle: pain in the mammary glands, migraine, bloating,

• with the onset of menstruation, the ailment recedes, and by the last day it completely disappears.

How to deal with premenstrual depression?

The arsenal of effective remedies for female adversity is quite wide: restorative and sedative therapy, vitamins, hormonal treatment, diuretics, potassium-rich foods. An individual prescription, of course, must be issued by a therapist. We will consider general recommendations that help get rid of premenstrual depression.

2. Nutrition Tips

Attention should be paid to foods rich in potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins A, E, B6. White fish, eggs, milk, broccoli, legumes, bran bread should appear in the diet. For dessert, it’s not bad to treat yourself to fruits: apples, dried apricots, grapes, bananas. From drinks it is worth giving preference to cocoa.

3. Recommendations of psychotherapists

If the attacks of anger are too annoying, do not restrain them. These are clots of negative emotions, and it is best to get rid of them. To do this, go to a deserted park or square and give free rein to the vocal chords - to shout out as it should.

If there is no way to leave the house, you can go to the kitchen and break a cup or plate. It’s worth choosing cracked utensils for this - there is such a dish in any home: then it will not be a pity, and it's time to get rid of it.

You can beat the pillow or sit down ten times - also an output of negative energy. Do not fight with tears: this is exactly the state when grief can be helped by tears.

4. Wishes from just sane people

A positive attitude, communication with nature, sports will quickly bring the mental state back to normal. Three things are especially important for a full-fledged lifestyle:

• go to bed no later than ten in the evening,

• not “grow” to the sofa and TV, but move more - walk, visit the pool, arrange morning or evening runs,

• Do not avoid meeting with friends: gatherings in a cafe, a leisurely conversation and a cup of hot chocolate, plus shopping - the best distracting maneuvers from premenstrual depression.

The main thing with all this is not to lose the presence of spirit. These difficulties are surmountable. If only because they are temporary.

Why are women irritable?

The behavior of the fairer sex changes a week before the start of the menstrual cycle. Absolutely calm earlier, she turns into an angry lioness. Romantically tuned in the evening, the next morning wakes up with a strong malaise. Bad mood, sudden depression speak of the onset of PMS.

Doctors unanimously argue that the cause of mood swings is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the body. With a large number of the first, aggression is manifested. A bright selection of the second affects the increase in fatigue, depression. At this time occurs:

  • stagnation of blood in the vessels,
  • body weight increases
  • pain appears in the chest area, it swells.

Hence the irritability, insomnia. In some cases, doctors are advised to drink pills aimed at relieving depression.

What are the mistakes of women

First of all, in the wrong diet. Limit the use of high-calorie foods. Bad mood is unacceptable to her. This will immediately affect the increase in body weight.

The second mistake is the rejection of a mobile lifestyle. Women believe that sports can be harmful. This opinion is erroneous. Time has shown that movement affects well-being, so move more. Daily walks relieve stress, balance hormones, and smooth out irritability.

Another mistake is the active struggle with overweight. PMS is marked by an increase in extra pounds. However, this phenomenon is temporary. No fight is required here, especially do not take pills that burn fat.

How to determine if a woman is prone to premenstrual syndrome

Each representative of the fairer sex is a person with characteristics inherent only to her. Does PMS affect depression? The change in mood depends on age, character traits, circumstances from the outside. To understand how PMS onset works and whether it affects at all, analyze if there are the following symptoms:

  • depression, tension,
  • there was sadness, apathy,
  • a good mood turns into a bad one
  • conflict situations are possible
  • irritation comes from trifles,
  • distraction is observed
  • interest in something that recently occupied all my free time is lost,
  • changes occur with appetite - it is lost or increased,
  • fatigue occurs
  • I want to sleep constantly or, conversely, insomnia torments.

If all or half of these symptoms are noticed, there is certainly a presence of PMS. A bad mood will have to pacify. Ask what to do for this? We must learn to live with this phenomenon.

Mood swings, and how to deal with them

In the life of every woman there were moments of transition from sadness to joy and vice versa. Sometimes it seems that the mood is uncontrollable during PMS. But is this really so? Scientists have proven that the instability of emotions is inherent in women equally, as well as men. However, this is especially pronounced before the start of the menstrual cycle. This phenomenon should not be taken for granted. If a choose the right approach to solving the problem, the mood can be controlled. First of all, it changes when hormones of joy are absent. It takes time to make up for serotonin, and the drops will go away.

Very often a woman experiences mental fatigue. She receives a lot of information, conducts versatile activities, there is no full rest. Where can a good mood come from? Often there are different fears, phobias torment. What to do in this situation:

  • arrange a day of emotional discharge,
  • do not use pills
  • go out of town, turn off the phone, enjoy the surrounding nature.

Time will show that rest positively affects the mood, it becomes good and lasts for such a long period.

What to do with mood during PMS if stress takes a protracted character? It is impossible to bring to such a situation. Mood can get out of hand. Consult a doctor - he will prescribe antidepressant pills. Spend more time communicating with friends.

Does mood variability respond to treatment?

Some are of the opinion that a bad mood with PMS does not require special treatment. However, such a statement can be challenged. If you act on ICP in a complex way, you will need a whole group of measures. Irritability appears when some hormones are missing. Therefore, immediate replenishment is required. In nutrition, emphasis is placed on vitamins A, E, magnesium, calcium. A special diet is not used, but weight must be monitored. Frequent walks, running, swimming regulate mood swings with PMS. Avoid high caffeinated drinks.

What to do to recover quickly ??

When menstruation has not yet arrived, a little more than a week remains before they start, reduce salt intake. It should remain in the diet for about 3 g. The harm of salt is to retain fluid in the body. It increases breast sensitivity, adds extra weight. All these nuances affect mood swings, increase irritability before menstruation, and increase depression.

There are a few more tips:

  1. Try to relax more when you feel bad. Lie down with a book. Find another, more enjoyable pastime.
  2. What to do if exhausted mood swings? Drink a complex of vitamins.
  3. There are a number of herbs that, if properly brewed, can improve mood during PMS.
  4. Give up alcohol completely. It exacerbates the condition, affects the growth of negative thoughts.
  5. Do not eat a lot of chocolate. It destroys in the body a vitamin that fights fatigue.
  6. To avoid swelling, drink less liquid.

Try to relax more, walk in the fresh air. Do not show everyone how PMS affects mood, do not get annoyed once again.

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I have the same. Only the problem is that there is no aggression, only sheer depression. So for several months, before this was not at all. Help, I do not know what to do. It seems to me that I'm losing my mind, no one understands me. Such a terrible feeling finds that everything is just disgusting. It does not allow me to live as before and I am very worried. I wanted to go to a psychologist, but my mother says that I invent that it is impossible to be upset and cry because of nothing. It will become much easier for me if I find out that at least not one of them.

Am I not the only one. PMS is very difficult (most often), usually everything starts on the 20th day of the cycle - I directly feel how the mood and self-esteem fall on this day. Sometimes these days are pretty tolerant, but most often I want to kill everyone at this time. Evening is almost always a time of tears for me, and for some reason there is always a reason. But these are all flowers compared to the last day of the cycle - such universal anguish comes that you just want to hang yourself, the whole world turns black, emotions completely get out of hand, and I fall into a terrible depression that day. It starts to seem that everything is very bad, that everything that is not done is only for the worse .. On this day, as soon as I get home - immediately go to bed and sleep, because sometimes such thoughts come, that it becomes really scary from them .. sometimes lets go in the middle of the day - and literally in half an hour I turn from a monster into a good child, and complete peace in my soul comes, and in a day these days come. Now just PMS - yesterday it was so blown away, there was such a hysteria that today I just couldn’t believe that it was with me .. of course you won’t be envious of someone who is experiencing all the delights of PMS in her own skin ..

I thought to contact a psychiatrist already. I have sensitive tantrums! Exactly a week in these days, as on a calendar, I get excited at first. And after all, I myself can’t control yelling from scratch, I can even shed tears at my husband with my fists, and how I calm down and can’t understand how I could behave like that, as if someone is changing this awfully for a while. Monu at work in the store to quarrel with someone. This has been going on for over a year. Ude’s husband threatens that he can’t stand it (((((and I can’t help myself

Remens proven is also a nightmare, the river creche breaks down even when strangers cry for no reason, despite the fact that I am in a public place. And ashamed of how then. HORROR. KEEPING REMAIN

it’s horror, the first days during PMS are angry, and the following days I’m very depressed and nervous, the most nasty time before menstruation.

Girls suffer all together listed here. But I will say firmly helps REMENS in the drops. NO PMS AT ALL!

I usually get into such depression during PMSa, just horror. Darkness, despair and tears. As a friend says - decay. But I really want nothing and nobody. I turn away from my husband, only roar and eat. In general, the sight is not for the faint of heart. Because of this, the poor husband even became friends with my mother :))) I tried to drink various herbal infusions soothing, it did not help. Having learned about the Time Factor, I decided to try. I attracted a natural composition that has all the components for the normal transfer of PMS vicissitudes and menstruation. As a result, the black cloud above my head began to gradually disperse these days :)

Girls, my advice to you is do not restrain yourself. Do not even think to control or be ashamed. We are so arranged, all this is natural. BUT! to break down on near and dear people is really not comme il faut. Think about how much energy is seething in us at these moments. Where and how can it be directed? Personally, these days I close in the room for half an hour and with all the foolishness I hit a pillow (I have a special one for this). I collect all my aggression and place it on it. or I can tear an old dress that I’m not going to wear anymore. Just like that in flaps with his hands. Or you can break something. And sometimes I want to draw.For so many years she restrained herself in the manifestation of her emotions. It was scary that people would turn their backs on me. And then I realized - everyone is angry. THIS IS NORMAL. Have the right to be angry, annoyed and express your emotions. You have only a choice where to direct all this. Now I’m thinking of buying a punching bag home :)

Praise the Lord that I am not the only one! Girls. This is a nightmare! This is all very scary! So you can’t do something with this! Otherwise, you can go crazy! I used to condemn my mother very much and now I have come to this madness myself! I have PMS now for almost 2 weeks! All these 2 weeks is a nightmare! This is darkness! It seems to me that I will soon die, that I am ill with cancer or something else (every time a new fear), then I die of horror, thinking that thoughts are material! The last 2 months has come to the edge, I am terrified so that I run to church 1 day before the arrival of M, it seems to me that I’m sick for the whole head! Previously, there were just loonies, disruptions, ory, rabies, rushed to fight at her husband. I’m a manager at work and don’t break down on people, I carry them home, and there I make a distribution. But now it's not like that! Now it's a nightmare, my personal! I get depressed, deep, horrors seem to me, I look for the meaning of life, I fear for myself and for my family, I don't let go of bad thoughts day or night (meditation, sports, prayers, techniques for distraction, loading at work - they help a short time, literally for minutes) .. Last night came, I thought she would let me, nifiga, I feel bad, bad! I don’t speak with anyone, it’s bad, I feel sick, I don’t have any appetite (it happens the other way around), thoughts still torment me from the depths of my subconscious mind! But I am very happy - in real life everything is fine, as you can’t bring yourself to a real illness at such a pace. I want to go to a psychologist, but I don’t know how to find a good one who does not pump money, but really helps! Horror, what will happen next? I don’t have children yet, there are difficulties, half a year ago there was an ST, since then all this has worsened! Now neurology, fears, depression! And I want to live and enjoy every day, just live and are not afraid of anything, do not think, I want to make everyone happy, but in the end, my husband is seriously worried about me! There is no face on me, my colleagues all look with pity, no one understands that with me, I have always been Porzitiffffff! But half a month, this means that half of life is so! HELP I don’t want that anymore!