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How to bring out the Crystal Dragon in Dragon City

Create your own world in Dragon City. Collect dozens of dragons, care for and grow them, educate a warrior and a solid spirit in them. You can play with friends and give them gifts. And also every week new Dragons! To hack the Dragon City Game, you will need our Cheat Codes. If you do not know where to enter Cheats you can use the links below. Good luck

  • This Cheat Code will give you 99999 Gold - TYB-gfbv65744b
  • This Cheat Code will give you 99999 Crystals - XXC-gfbv73ii34
  • This Cheat Code will give you 999 Foods - EDA-eda999hgb4599

Reasons to use Cheat Codes to Hack Dragon City on iOS and Android:

  1. You can hack the game in 30 seconds.
  2. You do not need to download apk files for Android and ipa for iOS (iPhone, iPad).
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  4. 100% virus protection.
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How it works in the game Dragon City Hack:

If you even understand a little how mobile applications and games are built, then you should know that for each value of certain resources in games a certain sequence of bits should be responsible. That is, if you change this sequence, then the value for which it is responsible will also change. Our task is to determine this sequence and tell it to you. By the way, for the same game, they can be different.

Cheats for Hacking Dragon City:

add +150,000 food - ad150Kfood

+100,000 gold (a lot of money in the game) - ad100Kgold

+100,000 gems (crystals, gems) - ad100Kgems

Instructions: how and where to enter codes in the game "Dragon City" - is hidden. Check out site rules.