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13 ways to wipe off varnish if you don’t have nail polish remover on hand

When you need to urgently remove peeling or bored coating from your nails, and there is no liquid to remove nail polish at hand, do not despair. In this case, you can quickly remove the paint using various means that can be found in almost any home. It can be solvents, food and even cosmetics (perfumes, hair spray, etc.). It is advisable to choose the most gentle methods of removing the old coating, otherwise you can seriously damage the nail plate.

Some people prefer to remove the old layer of varnish mechanically, scraping it off with other nails or with some sharp object.

But such a procedure very seriously injures the nails. After it, they can begin to exfoliate and become wavy. Therefore, if possible, it is worth choosing another method of cleansing the nail plate.

In no case should you cut off the varnish with a rough nail file. Restoring nails after this will be difficult and lengthy.

Do not gnaw on a boring manicure. This harms not only nails, but also tooth enamel. In addition, pieces of paint get inside, and this does not benefit the body.

If you still decide to remove the old coating mechanically, you need to steam the varnish first: after that it will be much easier to remove it. To do this, you can hold your fingers in a bath of hot water. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, you can add lemon juice. The easiest option is to simply wash the laundry manually in hot water for several minutes.

When the varnish softens, you need to try to gently scrape it off with an orange stick or other flat, dull and relatively soft object. Usually a swollen coating comes off quite easily.

The most common methods

  1. Nail polish can be removed with another varnish. (any color, since it doesn’t matter at all). It is necessary to apply a layer of varnish on top of the old one, wait a few seconds and remove everything with a cotton pad. Since the process is very sloppy, you need to stock up with cotton swabs and discs to immediately remove the varnish from the skin.
  2. You can use hair spray. You should soak a cotton pad with varnish and try to very quickly remove everything from the nail. The process is far from safe, since hair spray dries very quickly, can get on the skin of the hands and damage it, causing an allergic reaction and discomfort in general. If nevertheless such undesirable consequences have occurred, you need to immediately wash the hairspray from the skin of the hands.
  3. In order to remove nail polish, you can use the usual deodorant, spraying it on a handkerchief or cotton pad. They should intensively wipe the nail until the varnish disappears. This manipulation can also be considered unsafe, since it is harmful both to the skin and to the nails. And if during the whole process you inhaled the smell of deodorant, then the risk of slight poisoning by volatile vapors is not excluded.
  4. You can erase an old manicure with ordinary perfumes. It is necessary to moisten a cotton swab with perfume and carefully remove the varnish from the nails. Be patient, as this is a rather time-consuming method.
  5. One of the old, classic ways to remove nail polish - alcohol use. In the same way as in the previous version, you should moisten the cotton pad with alcohol and treat it with the nail until the varnish completely disappears. If you are afraid to use alcohol for nails, then you can go to the previous option, it is a little safer.
  6. You can remove nail polish with sunflower oil.. It is necessary to apply a small amount of vegetable oil on the nail plate, wait about twenty minutes, and then remove the varnish with a cotton swab.
  7. You can use improvised tools such as vinegar and soda. Mix the ingredients in a bowl and place your fingers in it for a few minutes. After that, the hands should be washed and dried, and then with dry cotton wool, carefully wash the varnish from the nails.
  8. You can use one of the common products - lemon juice or citric acid. You need to moisten a cotton pad with lemon juice and wipe your nails with it, soon you will notice a result that will please you.
  9. Nail polish can be removed even during hand washing. If you wash your hands with things in hot soapy water, then the varnish will swell and it will separate from the nail. This method does not require any special efforts and expenses, however you will have to manually overwrite a lot of things.
  10. You can remove nail polish with organic solvents such as turpentine, gasoline, white spirit. Such funds are very effective, but adversely affect the hands and structure of the nails. They can leave yellow spots on the skin.
  11. To remove unsuccessful or old manicure, hydrogen peroxide is quite suitable. It is necessary to moisten it with cotton and rub the nail until the varnish comes off completely.
  12. Using toothpaste to remove varnish is one of the safest and most effective methods. You need to take a large amount of toothpaste (preferably white, since it will cope with the colored pigment of the varnish “with a bang”), apply to a cotton pad and intensively process the nail until the nail polish disappears. The effect will increase if you add a small amount of baking soda to the toothpaste.
  13. Some women in the fight against obsolete varnish resort to the use of alcoholic beverages. But this method is very risky for your nails. Alcohol damages the skin of the hands and nails. The restoration of the nail plates after manipulating with alcohol is very long and difficult.

Harm from aggressive removal methods

Many women and girls who use aggressive and toxic substances to get rid of old manicure make a huge mistake.

Removing nail polish with white spirit, paint thinner, gasoline can cause serious skin diseases, starting with allergic and ending with toxic poisoning of the body.

Also, the use of such agents has a strong effect on the respiratory tract, so if you still decide to use them, the process should be carried out in a well-ventilated area.

Protect your skin with a towel or protective film. They wrap the brushes, since in the process the skin may turn yellow, and the yellowness that appears is very difficult to remove without the use of chemicals.

The non-standard use of gasoline and white spirit is a serious danger to the human body.

That is why it is recommended to use safer and more gentle means that do not pose a threat to your health.

There are a lot of tools and methods for removing old manicure, so do not resort to the most extreme options.

Choose harmless products and protect yourself from high costs and serious risk to your health. In this case, you keep your nails healthy and beautiful, earn the approval of both men and women. After all, as you know, manicure for a girl is a visiting card and a sign of grooming and femininity.

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Popular methods

Of course, all women are used to washing nail polish with a tested and specially designed composition. But sometimes such situations happen that it is urgent to wash off the remnants of the old varnish, and there is already no time to go to the store for a professional tool. What to do? The main thing is not to despair. There are several ways you can quickly deal with a problem.

  • The most popular method used by many girls is to remove the old layer with ordinary nail polish. Take any varnish that you have at home, feel free to apply it with a thin layer on the nail plate, and after five to ten seconds, remove it. In order to completely remove the old layer, we recommend that you do this procedure with each finger individually. That is, do not immediately apply varnish to all nails. In addition, keep not only cotton pads, but also cotton buds on hand to easily remove residues.

  • If the house has the most common hair spray, then it can also replace a special tool. Take a cotton pad, soak it with hairspray and treat each nail. This method allows you to easily remove the coating layer from the nails, but you should be extremely careful so as not to harm your hands. It is necessary to try so that the varnish does not get on the skin during the process. If this happens, immediately wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • In addition, deodorant in the form of a spray will help to cope with the problem. It also needs to be preliminarily applied to a cotton pad. Try not to use too much deodorant during the process, as dizziness may start due to its abundance from the pungent odor.

  • Ordinary perfumes or men's cologne can also help in this situation. Moisten a cotton pad with perfume and gently process the nail plate. It will take a lot of time and patience, as the perfume does not remove the varnish as quickly as we would like.
  • If your home medicine cabinet has alcohol, then it can be used as an alternative to nail polish remover. Soak a cotton pad on them and treat each nail. After such a procedure, you should definitely use a cream for nails and hands to soften the skin, since alcohol has a drying effect and peeling can begin.

  • Another pharmacy tool will help in an emergency. It's about hydrogen peroxide. Moisten a piece of cotton or a cotton pad with liquid and boldly remove the remaining varnish from the nail plates. True, in this case, the process will take quite a long time, but the desired result will be achieved.
  • It so happens that there is neither hair spray, nor alcohol, nor any of the other remedies listed above. But the house always has toothpaste. This oral hygiene can also help. But it is worth considering that the paste should be plain white, not gel or color. Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the disc and gently rub the nail.

In order to speed up the process and remove all the varnish without residue, the paste should first be mixed with a small amount of the most common baking soda.

Folk remedies

There are other popular methods, as they are called, "grandmothers" or "folk". That is, these are effective and safe methods using improvised tools that are in every kitchen.

One of these methods for removing residual varnish is the use of sunflower oil., which should be applied to all nails and wait fifteen to twenty minutes, after which it will be possible to clean off the coating.

In any kitchen there is always vinegar. In this case, you need to use a regular dining room, which is not a concentrate and is used for salads. If only essence is available, it must be diluted 1: 7. There are two options for using vinegar for these purposes.

  • In the first case, you need a little sparkling water. In a separate bowl, mix both ingredients in equal proportions and dip your fingers in there so that the nail plates can be saturated with liquid. After about five minutes, you should wash your hands, dry them and you can begin to wash the remaining varnish.
  • The most popular improvised means for removing various contaminants in the kitchen is citric acid. It is she who, in combination with vinegar, can help cope not only with spots of fat, but also with the remnants of nail polish. This method is very effective. By the way, if the house has fresh lemons, then it is quite possible to use their freshly squeezed juice. It is recommended to take wine or ordinary vinegar, the concentration of which should not exceed seven percent, for 50 milliliters of liquid you will need 20 milliliters of citrus juice. In the resulting solution, moisten a cotton pad and carefully treat each nail. After fifteen to twenty minutes, the procedure should be repeated, and the varnish can be easily removed.

The simplest method, which does not require any funds, is scraping the coating with any strong manicure tool. Of course, in order to clean your nails in this way, you will need a lot of patience. And the risk of damage to the nail plate will be great. Because so many women, in order to quickly and efficiently remove the remnants of a cosmetic product from nails, they simply start washing.

In this case, it should be exclusively hand wash. While you will soak things in water with powder or soap, until you carefully wash them off, the nail polish applied on the nails will swell and almost all of it will be removed. And if not, cleaning the leftovers will be easy.

By the way, you can use hand wash as a first step, and then remove the remaining varnish with sunflower oil. So you can easily clean your nails and soak them with nutrients.

Tips & Tricks

Finally, we have some useful recommendations that help not only to cope with the problem, but also to maintain the health of your nails and hands.

  • Many women often use harsh chemicals that were originally designed to remove enamel or paint. Such tools are often used during repairs to easily remove paint stains and more. We are talking about special solvents, gasoline or turpentine. We do not recommend using such products, as this can seriously harm the health and beauty of your nails. In addition, the use of such products can cause irritation, skin itching, an allergic reaction or even provoke skin diseases.
  • Some ladies use alcoholic beverages to do the job. This method is also not safe, because it can harm the skin of the hands and nails. The method is very effective, but the nail plate can be so seriously damaged that it will take a long time to restore its former beauty and healthy appearance.

  • It is best for pregnant women to use folk remedies that are completely safe. For example, you can clean your nail plates with sunflower oil or lemon juice.

Using any of the above methods, be sure to protect your skin. Avoid contact with skin products such as alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Then, without fail, moisturize and nourish the nail plate with special means. Or at least use a hand cream.

For how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover, see the next video.