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18 ways to make your girlfriend feel loved and happy

Does it depend on the man?

As Karl Marx said: "The strength of a woman is in her weakness."

Do not pursue such a goal that the girl felt weak.

you just need to take part of her worries when she will be a wife.

She will be grateful if she can appreciate the care of a man and will love even more.

The main thing is that you yourself need to be strong not in Slovds, but in practice.

Be able to make adult, informed decisions, be able to take responsibility.

You need to be very responsible and courageous, the most powerful. Then the girl will adjust to you, if she is of course such in character. Among modern women, there are a lot of courageous women who have male energy for many percent. But women's weakness is not a weakness of mind, physical or weakness of mind. Female weakness:

  • this is the ability to make concessions,
  • the ability to obey
  • the ability to be second, and to consider the husband as the main one.

A weak woman is not one who cannot do without a husband who has gone on a business trip. And the one who, on his return, will say that without him it’s hard and everything is complicated. Women's weakness is just a game that only wise women can play. :)

Of course, it depends on the man. How else? So, then, sometimes you need to make decisions yourself. Girls often have suspiciousness, and they hesitate for a long time in making decisions. And you - once accepted, once - and did everything yourself! You can start with the simplest: where to go. Come to the girl already with a ticket to a movie / theater / concert, etc. Secondly, carefully protect her from any attempts to harm her. It can be arrogant men, dogs, motorists - yes anyone! So that she feels that you will never for any reason give her a grudge. Do not let anyone compromise yourself. It is impossible for a girl to see that someone does not take your opinion into account. You must be authoritative for your friends and acquaintances. Something like this.