Useful Tips

What to do on the road so as not to get bored

Download music and create your playlist. Take your headphones and phone with you, and immerse yourself in songs. You can imagine yourself as the heroine of a clip or come up with a plot for a song to make it more interesting.

☁🌿 • Download podcasts, videos, and similar.

You can download many interesting books to listen on the go. This is a great opportunity to spend time in the car for those who like to read.

☁🌿 • Pay attention to unusual things happening on the road.

You can write interesting moments in a notebook or tell your fellow travelers about it.

☁🌿 • Take pictures or take videos while traveling.

You can take pictures of a beautiful area or yourself and your companions. Shoot videos while traveling. You can make an entire movie about your trip by car.

☁🌿 • Count objects that you meet along the way.

Look out the window and try to count certain objects and things that you meet along the way, be it shops, cars, passing people, etc.

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1. Ponder the upcoming trip

If you are flying on vacation, sketch a list of all the places you want to visit, including minor ones. Examine the map and plan a route to at least the hotel. Download the necessary applications and articles to your phone in advance.

If you travel to another country, learn basic language phrases and etiquette. On a business trip it is always important to better prepare a speech, sort out documents. You can also make a list of people to whom you want to bring gifts and souvenirs.

One of the most popular activities for the road. When else will you have time to read the works of classics to which your hands did not reach?

It is most convenient to bring a reader with you. He weighs little, does not strain his eyes much and can accommodate many works. But you can take a paper book if your luggage is not too heavy. Also, many magazines are sold at airports and train stations - not only entertaining, but also highly specialized (for programmers, photographers, car enthusiasts).

Another great option is audio books and radio plays. Check in advance that the voice of the announcer does not annoy you.

Make and adjust your plans for the future, summarize the achievements of the last month, throw lists of necessary deals and purchases. Write a post on social networks or a note in your personal diary about your expectations from the trip. Or impressions already received, if you return.

5. Listen to music

On the road, nothing distracts you, you are in no hurry. Even long-familiar compositions may open in new ways. Download tracks of new directions and artists, including those that seem to be not close to you. You can discover the whole world.

If you travel in companies, then the list of games for you is simply huge. Contact, associations, allusions and provocations, tanks, feudal lords, the gallows ... Everyone remembers the game in the cities. There is an analogue close to it: everyone takes turns calling words by a given letter or syllable.

Another fun game: any item is called, and then you need to figure out how you can use it for other purposes. You can take hiking chess and checkers, go, cards with you on the train. If you travel alone, then games on your smartphone will help you out. And you can buy crosswords and puzzles, such as a Rubik's Cube.

12. Get to know fellow travelers

If you are bored, start a conversation with your favorite passenger. On trips you can meet very interesting and useful people, and sometimes even your soul mate. Ask the interlocutor where he is going, how many times he has already been there. So you can find out interesting details about the country you are traveling to.