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How to come up with a beautiful email address

The standard email address consists of two main parts - the login and the domain name, which is located to the right of the service sign, which is commonly called the “dog”. Moreover, if the domain name of the postal service, which is part of the mail address, the user is not able to change, then he has the right to choose his own login absolutely independently.

In fact, a login is a username, which is a way to identify it and distinguish it from other clients of a particular mail service. As a rule, postal services set certain restrictions in the formation of the login, for example, require that it consist of a certain number of characters or contain only certain types of characters. Most often, the letters that are allowed for use in the formation of the login are Latin letters and numbers.

Login selection

Choosing a login is a crucial step, because often a person uses one email address for several years. Therefore, a person will be identified by his colleagues, friends and acquaintances with whom he communicates in real life, as well as new contacts for whom an email login will be one of the ways to get an idea about this person.

First you need to decide for what purpose you plan to use this email address. Today, people often have several addresses that they use in various areas of their lives - for example, to communicate with friends, correspondence with colleagues at work and for other purposes. Therefore, the predominant scope of the address can leave a significant imprint on the choice of login.

So, if basically this address is supposed to be used for business purposes, the login should be made as restrained and informative as possible. In this situation, it is advisable to dwell on a login that somehow reflects your name and surname: this will allow colleagues and partners to quickly identify you and understand what kind of issue the letter is about. At the same time, however, simple logins like maria_ivanova in most popular mail systems are busy, so you should think about how you can modify its standard look. For example, you can use the initials or some part of the first or last name in it. In addition, when choosing a login in such a situation, you will need to pay attention to what characters the system allows you to use: for example, some of them may prohibit the use of dots, underscores, and other characters in the name. If this is not prohibited, you can use, for example, the name ivanova_m.a as a login.

If the email address is supposed to be used mainly for personal purposes, the field for choosing a login can be wider. For example, it may be associated with the name of a favorite character in a book or movie, your area of ​​interest or hobby. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in such a situation you can use both the Latin transliteration of the Russian word you like and its translation into another language, and this language does not have to be English. For example, the name koshka or its translation into French - gato can act as a login.

Methods for creating a beautiful email address

First you need to decide for what purpose mail is created:

  • for work (business communication)
  • for business (for company)
  • for personal use (social networks, chatting with friends, other)

For business communication, it is best to use the address in which the first and last name will be used. Agree, the use of familiar nicknames and nicknames (zaika_kisa, lubimka_love) will not play in favor of a person who leaves his contacts to communicate with business partners or potential employers. Therefore we generate a name and a surname.
Imagine creating a mailbox. It is convenient to apply:

1. First letters of a name and surname

Still not decided on the mail service? Be sure to read our article on which email is worth choosing.
It is convenient for a business person to use the first and last name in the address. In most cases, employers do this for their company employees.

If all options are busy, you can add the The prefix, then the mailbox name will look like this: [email protected], [email protected] Do not be afraid to experiment with adding prefixes, you will definitely get something interesting.

If you can’t compose a decent address on your own, you can use another simple way. Foreign Email Name Generator service will help to generate mail name. Email Name Generator. In the left column, you can view the generation history, and in the right column, select the one you like. Thus, you can quickly generate a bunch of names, and then choose something interesting.

If you need to create a box for a site that represents a business, use the company name or type of activity, for example: [email protected] or [email protected] (if you imagine that omi distributes toys).

In order to create mail for personal use, you can experiment and show imagination. Use humorous nicknames, names of famous personalities, characters and favorite heroes, etc. But do not forget, mail should not be too complicated.

Do you want mail to be convenient? Apply these principles of its creation:

  • come up with a nickname that will be easy and convenient to read. Understand, if it’s not convenient for you, it will be worse for others,
  • do not write too many characters. The smaller the better: [email protected] reads better than [email protected] An incomprehensible set of numbers makes the mail unreadable.

Want to add numbers? Use no more than 4-6, and it is better that they make sense, at least for you.

  • Make an address that is easy to read, remember, so that it is not difficult to name the person you are talking to, without unnecessary searches on your phone or computer.
  • When choosing a service for creating e-mail, make a choice in favor of a local or international service.
  • When communicating with foreigners, it is better to create an email address on an international service, for example, gmail or yahoo.
  • Do not use the services of countries for which additional programs are needed - they are inconvenient to open on any other gadget.

The more understandable the name, the easier it will be to use! Good luck!

Some important rules

I really have several mailboxes. One is very old, I use it for important things. It is synchronized with a phone, a tablet, a play market, YouTube is connected to it, two subscriptions are issued to it from sites that I follow.

I have 3 or 4 more e-mails for various spam - leave in the store to receive a club card, register on a not-so-needed service. I recommend you do the same. The phone will not constantly torment you with notifications, and you will not miss valuable information.

I do not recommend creating accounts. Two will be enough. One for important things, the second for minor. Nevertheless, when you come up with a name for both, try to adhere to the same rules.

I'll tell you exactly which ones.

  • Try to ensure that the login (the first part of the name before the "@" symbol) is not too long.

If, for example, it is 10 characters, then you can easily make a mistake in writing and the letter will go the wrong way. Yes, and many of your friends will go crazy until they enter “paramonova.ekaterina” or “Pasternak.Terranuschenskaya.Svetlana” in the English layout.

It’s good to use the names in the mail if your name is Gus Bolt or Dean Kunz. If the name is long enough, then your colleagues and friends will be more happy with the decision to use the initials.

For example, a friend of mine told me how many years ago she used the “AZ” address on mail, a little later, when she lost her password, she decided to start a new mailbox on Gmail, but by then her initials had changed, since both options were busy she just wrote "neaz". It was easy for her to remember the box thanks to her association, and her friends simply thanked her for her short name.

Now it is very difficult to do without numbers when you come up with mail. Too many are registered. How to choose the right numbers? I do not advise choosing the current year. This information gives nothing and is constantly changing.

If you use mail often, then you will certainly remember that you have exactly 2016, this is not a problem, but I would advise you to first look at other, shorter, options, for example, just “20”, “16”, or “21” - like a century. Believe me, for any reduction you will only be grateful.

If you read my article about how to come up with a reliable login and password, then you know that the main protection function lies precisely with the password, you can shorten the address and this will not affect the security of the account.

  • Work mail or for yourself?

Try to come up with a name that you can give to a friend, grandmother, and work colleague. Even if you open an electric mail for yourself. No one knows how fate will turn out and it is quite possible that one day you will have to submit a resume using the Mikky-Mouse-Forever address there.

By the way, celebrity names, elite brands of cars or alcohol are not the best options for login by mail. According to this information, a person may have an erroneous opinion about you. People always try to learn as much as possible, even with minimal knowledge. Do not give them all the cards in hand.

Remember the story I started with about the cat. Maybe the woman just used the antonyms or really considers herself a sexy pussy. Everyone who hears this will draw their conclusions. Do not give a person a reason to "unravel" you.

The easiest way is to use anagrams, abbreviations and common words that do not give any information to another person and will be perfectly understood by you.

21 Kelvin - a unit of temperature, steradian - solid angle,

Procyon is a star in the constellation Canis Minorum, GJ440 is the closest star to us,

Pyramid, rhombus, square - terms from geometry that also say nothing about a person.

  • If you have your own website.

I already talked about how to make domain-based mail. If you have your own portal, then you can create a mailbox ending in the URL that you use for the site. For example, in my case this is the [email protected] Not to use it would be wrong.

To come up with a start for such an electronic mailbox is no longer difficult. It is enough to think for what purpose you start it and what letters you want to receive at this address: [email protected], [email protected], technical [email protected] and so on.

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I wish you all the best. Leave your comments, subscribe to my blog to find out more useful. See you again and good luck in your endeavors!