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Tip 1: How to Dress a 12 Year Old Girl

Do you know how to become beautiful at the age of 12 in a couple of hours, if the figure has physical disabilities, the head is full of complexes, and acne adorns your face? Any girl can turn into Cinderella, but to remain a princess forever, not only external, but also internal transformations are needed. Let's explore female beauty more deeply.

School uniform requirements

Of course, the girl always wants to be beautiful and elegant, but when choosing a school uniform, it is worth remembering that this is clothing for “work”, therefore, it should be designed in a business style, without unnecessary jewelry in the form of shiny details, ruffling , bows, appliques, etc.

Of course, the physical activity in the school is not as high as during walking or playing sports, but the convenience of the school uniform is one of the main requirements. A school suit should not cause discomfort in the sock, because the child will have to spend almost all day in these clothes.

It is better to give preference to natural fabrics in clothes for school. But it must be borne in mind that a small percentage of synthetic yarn makes the fabric more wear-resistant, which is especially important for a school uniform: after all, a girl will have to wear a uniform for at least a year.

The colors of the school uniform, as a rule, have to be selected in accordance with the requirements of the educational institution, but if there is no such need, it is better to give preference to non-small fabrics of restrained colors (dark blue, gray, burgundy), and so that the school suit does not look boring, it permissible use of "tartan" and soft finish.

You should not buy a school uniform "for growth". A girl in baggy clothes will not look very attractive, and in fact she will have to “go out in people” every day in this form!

It makes sense to purchase two sets of molds for different weather conditions - they will wear out less, and it will become much easier to solve problems with washing.

What should be the clothes of a teenage girl?

Therefore, clothing for a teenage girl should be:

Comfortable and comfortable - i.e. match the girl’s lifestyle.

Fashionable, beautiful and most importantly - modern!

And since at this age girls still do not really understand how to make their image stylish, fashionable and interesting, we parents should help them in this and, thereby, develop a sense of taste in our daughter. Do not persistently and obsessively dictate your vision of the “beautiful”, but playfully, offering various options, consulting with your child, finding compromises.

So, it’s our task with you to make a high-quality basis for the wardrobe, so that buying some ultrafashionable things that are relevant in the current season, the image of the girl turns out to be stylish and interesting, does not look boring and gray, or vice versa, “I’ll put on the best at once.

Elements of a school suit

If you decide that you need to buy a school jacket as an element of uniform, this has its own reason: in the warm season, he is quite capable of replacing a light jacket, and in a cool classroom it will look more appropriate than a cardigan. But wearing it under outerwear is not always convenient, especially if the jacket is equipped with tight shoulders or is made of a fairly dense fabric.

A sundress is a good choice as the basis of a school suit. Changing blouses and turtlenecks, a girl in a school sundress will always be dressed for the season and will be able to easily update her school wardrobe. The sundress is especially relevant for younger schoolgirls: it is more comfortable to wear than a skirt that strives to slip from an unformed waist. Sundress allows you to create a holistic image with a minimum of funds. It is better to dwell on the model in the classical style - selected according to the figure, she will decorate a girl of any age and any complexion.

The most economical form option is undoubtedly the skirt. It is enough to change the "top" of the costume, and the girl will be able to vary her image every day. But it is worth remembering that in this case you will have to approach the choice of jumpers and blouses very carefully. It is convenient to combine a skirt with both a jacket and a vest.

A vest can be purchased as an alternative to a jacket. It should harmonize well with a school skirt or trousers. When composing an ensemble with a vest, you must remember the rule: the more original it is, the easier it should be chosen a blouse for it. A good option is a vest from knitwear, matched to match the skirt. In the cold season, he will give warmth and will be convenient in combination with a jacket.

Pants can also be worn as an element of a school uniform for girls, especially in the cold season. You should not choose too wide or, on the contrary, excessively narrow trousers, it is better to stay on the classic version.

In any case, when choosing a school uniform, take into account the opinion of the girl herself, because a school suit for the whole school year will become her main clothing.

Basic wardrobe for teenage girls

The basis of any wardrobe, including teenage - basic things. By the way, if you open the closet now and look at the daughter’s things, then most likely you will find them there. You simply did not know about this :-) And this is absolutely logical, because just the basic things are responsible for comfort, convenience and warmth (see paragraph 1)

But so that we speak the same language, let's talk about what basic things are.

Basic are things that:

- have a simple concise cut

- they do not have any decorative elements

As soon as something was sewn onto a thing, it was asymmetrically cut off, draped, i.e. a complex cut or decorative elements appeared - it automatically loses its “basicity” and goes into the category of a thing belonging to a certain style. We call such things "raisins."

The most important feature of basic things: all basic things go together!

And this is exactly what our child needs. She needs to pull things out of the closet with her eyes closed and know for sure that they fit together!

Basic things in a teenage wardrobe simply have to be colored!

If you read articles on the Internet on this topic, you can find that the basic things are only black-gray-white-beige copies.

But blue or burgundy laconic sweater with rhombs than not the base? And one of the reasons why the wardrobes of our girls are filled with black and gray things is the inability to correctly complete colored things.

What does it mean to become beautiful and well-groomed in the understanding of adults?

For adults, beauty often coincides with the concept of "health." This is understandable: a girl with red watery eyes, runny nose and dull hair is unlikely to cause admiring glances from others.

But there are still internal diseases that impose a negative imprint on external beauty. When the girl is worried about the pain, a willy-nilly expression instead of a smile appears on her face, and instead of good nature aggression and whims “break out”. There are malfunctions in the body that lead to acne on the face, hair loss or graying, obesity, etc. Therefore, first you need to improve health, and beauty is easier to correct.

In addition to health, adults appreciate the mind, beautiful speech. Remember the saying, where they meet by clothes, and escorted by mind? This is true for both women and men, since no one wants to be in society with a girl who can’t connect two words. Beautiful and stupid young ladies quickly bore the boys. How to become beautiful at the age of 12 intellectually? Listen to the advice of teachers of the Russian language and literature, read books on the ethics and culture of speech, works of classics.

Smile, good nature, cheerfulness - these are the following components of beauty. In fact, we have touched the inner world of man. If you love life, then in your eyes there will always be a twinkle and brilliance that makes you be lively and active, creative and cheerful.

Of course, figure and face matter in the adult world, but each one has its own meaning. Some men prefer slender and elegant ladies, others stare at the curvaceous, others are only interested in long legs ... Therefore, this term is replaced by such a thing as “elegant appearance”.

To summarize: adults are 100% sure that you can become beautiful in your teens without surgery, tons of cosmetics, fashionable clothes, and lots of accessories.

How to put together the perfect wardrobe for a teenage girl?

So, in the right teenage wardrobe, about 70-90% of things should be basic. It is they that will allow the child to feel comfortable, it is these things that are completed with each other with “eyes closed” and it is with them that it is fearlessly possible to complete things of a complex cut that have a certain style. And this property makes it possible to get the maximum number of different sets of clothes from the same things.

But even when choosing, it would seem, such simple things as basic, you need to pay attention to their relevance and modernity (see paragraph 2).

Beauty in the understanding of adolescents

What is the beauty of adolescents? Judging by the reviews on forums and conversations on the sites, girls see the beautiful in fashionable clothes, high heels, cosmetics, stylish trinkets (jewelry, handbags, belts), iPhones, crowds of fans, bad habits (this is mat, jargon, swagger, arrogance, tactlessness , smoking, alcohol).

What is the charm when it’s minus 10 degrees outside, and a girl in a miniskirt or torn jeans in her latest fashion and short top clangs her teeth and stands with a red nose? Why imitate the boys and compete, who spits and swears the most, smokes cigarettes and drinks bottles of beer, humiliate the weak and “bring to a stroke” the pensioners present.

Yes, boys can hoot and say: “This is a girl!” - but none of them will ever consider such a person as their girlfriend. Why? Yes, just any boy just wants to see a princess next to him, like every girl next to a prince! And then, imagine if his mother hears your nasty expressions ... Be sure that a tactful mother will do everything possible so that her son communicates with a well-educated, polite, educated and beautiful girl.

Cool and sophisticated iPhones, tablets, expensive jewelry and other accessories cause a short-term interest in normal teenagers. These dear little things attract only greedy individuals who do not value your personality. Also, crowds of fans around you attract girls who try to bathe in men's attention at the expense of you.

What is the conclusion of all? We are working not only on external beauty, but also on the inner world. First, we will consider how to become beautiful in a day, and then we will study a long-term daily plan above ourselves.

The right jackets

For example, the “today's” correct jacket for a girl does not look short, tight and fitted, but rather: it has a straight cut, is often elongated, has a narrow collar (lapel) or the collar may be completely absent, double-breasted models are also very relevant and modern.

If the girl likes to emphasize the waist - put on a strap on top. An additional accessory will never be superfluous in this case.

Clothes and accessories

Clothing should be in the rhythm of time, stylish and neat. Even if you do not follow fashion or cannot afford expensive things, then watch the surrounding girls. No need to wear long grandmother's dresses and mother's sweaters, choose clothes within your means, but at the same time stylish and youthful.

Some teenagers prefer “acid colors” in clothes and a mix of bright colors. Here you need to pay attention to the following. For walks with friends, you can wear anything. In school, in museums, galleries, for serious events it is better to wear classic clothes of such a color that "does not hurt the eyes."

Dress for the weather. A girl in a light jacket to the navel and jeans with slots in rainy and windy weather does not look beautiful, but stupid. Choose clothes and accessories so that all things are in harmony with each other. A bright green top with red huge beads, a yellow skirt and bright pink sneakers look like balls on a Christmas tree. Then how to become a beautiful summer when it's hot? First of all, monitor the purity of your body so that there are no unpleasant odors, and then choose clothes in accordance with the event. Bright and light outfits go to the beach, and classic models go to the gallery and theater.

Clothing should be ironed and clean. Even a pretty girl in a rumpled shirt and dirty jeans looks messy. You may not be perfectly neat in clothes, but do not allow obvious spots, creases, and sloppiness. Express your individuality and bright character in accessories - a bright belt, bracelet, bow or original elastic bands. Most importantly, choose clothes that will help hide the flaws of the figure.

Correct pants

Actual youth trousers now, as a rule, are narrowed and shortened.

Such trouser models are the most universal, because allow you to wear almost any shoe for them: ballet shoes, sneakers, loafers, sneakers, pumps with and without heels, etc.

If the girl does not have any features of a figure, then it is not necessary to get straight long trousers. You can’t put on more athletic shoes for such models, and the correct length of these trousers must be strictly observed: you can’t put on the same pair of shoes for a flat ride or a small stable heel.

Hide flaws with the right clothes

So, how to become beautiful at age 12 with the right clothes? For thin girls with small breasts, it is better to choose a bra with a foam insert. Just do not overdo it with the lining, otherwise you may find yourself in a stupid position. Round out forms will help outfits in horizontal stripes or with large flowers.

If your figure looks like a man's (pronounced shoulders and narrow hips), then choose models that visually increase your shape. These can be breeches or skirts with ruffles and pleats.

Plump girls should not wear tight things, baggy long skirts and sweaters. Determine what type of figure you have (an apple, a pear or an hourglass), and already pick up clothes that emphasize your merits. Do not wear the same set, so that you do not have a template fixed that you wear only trousers or only long skirts. Always be different, but not vulgar and frivolous.

For young girls, due to vertical stripes and shoes with small heels, you can visually add growth. But tall girls should not wear miniskirts and short tops that visually make you incredibly huge.

The right cardigans

Another example is cardigans. Tight models of fine knitwear on small buttons are no longer relevant.

Straight silhouettes are now in fashion, there may be large textured knitting, again, you can tighten a cardigan with a narrow belt in tone or vice versa with a contrasting belt.

I have given you only a few examples to clearly show what is the relevance and modernity of things.

Of course, in outdated styles of simple basic things, the girl will feel "out of place", so be sure to leaf through youth magazines or youth street style photos. So you will be aware of relevant youth styles, as well as be able to get ideas for bundling such things.

Pictured by Annabelle Fleur

Shoes and jewelry

All girls want to wear high heels, believing that they will give them femininity and elegance.However, walking on high heels and a platform can adversely affect the spine and the formation of the foot. The heel should be no more than five centimeters. Choose comfortable shoes so that your feet do not get tired, swell or swell.

Clothing should be in harmony with shoes, despite fashion trends. Now most girls prefer pink sneakers with white laces. They wear this model with jeans, and with a skirt, and with a dress, and with a tracksuit. And if the short suit at least somehow harmonizes, then the long dress with sneakers does not fit.

Here's how to become beautiful at age 11 in this case? Look at what the girls of your school, class, district go to and choose the outfit in the same style according to your capabilities. Jewelry is popular among young people, with hands hung with bracelets on the elbow, three or four chains or a lot of beads on the chest, and huge earrings flaunt in the ears. Be elegant but not funny. Focus on one set of jewelry.

And another such moment: no need to repeat and copy your friends. Sunglasses like tortoise tortilla, commander’s watches and beads from large beads can go to them, but these accessories can make you funny and ugly. Choose jewelry that accentuates your dignity. For example, a belt with a beautiful plaque focuses on your waist, a long chain or brooch on your chest, rings on long fingers, and more.

List of things for a teenager’s basic wardrobe

Now let's make an approximate list of basic things that should be in the wardrobe of a teenage girl. I can’t advise a certain amount of things, because each for himself represents his own necessary minimum, based on the lifestyle and hobbies of a teenager. Remember that all these things should have a simple concise cut and be colored!

By the way, I wrote about a school wardrobe for a teenage girl in one of the previous articles, where I also gave an approximate list that a girl needs for school.

Therefore, here we will make a list of basic things that are necessary in everyday life.

  • T-shirt with a short sleeve white
  • Color Short Sleeve T-Shirts
  • T-shirts with long sleeves
  • White shirt (straight fit is relevant)
  • Denim shirt
  • Plaid shirt
  • Straight cut jumper or oversize
  • Sweater (with print, large knit or bright color)
  • hoody
  • Straight cut cardigan
  • Jacket
  • Jeans (skinny, boyfriends, straight, scuffed or torn, blue or color - it all depends on taste, needs and preferences)
  • Arrow Pants
  • Sports pants (pay attention to urban models, but not to models for physical education)
  • Shorts
  • Skirt
  • Dress (straight cut, oversize or fitted, depending on preference)
  • A sweater dress or a tunic dress is very relevant now. Can be worn with leggings, tight pantyhose and tight boots, or jeans.
  • Dress shirt
  • Sundress
  • Trench coat
  • Leather jacket (can be made of eco-leather)
  • Jeans
  • Bomber jacket
  • Down jacket
  • Light overcoat
  • Sneakers
  • Sneakers
  • Ballet shoes
  • Shoes
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Boots
  • Crossbody Bag (Crossbody)
  • Backpack
  • Scarf
  • Cap
  • Gloves

Having a “solid foundation” in the wardrobe, you can buy at your daughter’s request some trendy things of the current season - the same “raisins”, fearlessly complete them with a “base” and be sure that such a wardrobe will always be functional, interesting and varied . The girl will always have what to wear and look, she will be different every time.

Skin, hair, nails, hygiene

Wherever you go, make sure your skin is clean, without the smell of sweat, your hair is washed and combed. These are old truths, but they are still relevant today. At home and on the street you can dress up in bright clothes, pick up original accessories or cosmetics to emphasize your personality, but how to become beautiful at the age of 12 in a school where cosmetics are prohibited and school uniforms are introduced?

Right! Clean hair, a neat hairstyle immediately attracts attention to your face. In this direction, girls prefer long loose hair, considering it their dignity. But believe me, a long braid or an original hairstyle from pigtails attracts more admiring glances of others. Loose hair makes girls untidy and frivolous.

Clean skin eliminates acne, blackheads and unpleasant odors. Do not forget about the hygiene of the mouth, teeth, ears, especially if you wear rings or earrings without removing. The metal oxidizes, an unpleasant smell appears, so wipe the jewelry and the skin of the ears and fingers. And watch your nails if you wear jewelry. They should not be long, uneven, bitten or stratified.

Cosmetics at home and at school

Before any publication, girls are interested in how to become beautiful at 12 years old in 1 day at home. Most often we are talking about cosmetics, which can make you irresistible or ridiculously ugly. Beauticians teens are advised to do light makeup. What does it mean? Only emphasize your beauty, but nothing more. For example, you have long and thick eyelashes, then with a pencil gently accentuate your eyes, beautiful puffy lips, then use lip gloss.

What cosmetics can teenagers use:

  • Eyeliner,
  • the shadows
  • shine and light lipstick,
  • blush
  • powder or foundation.

But do not use all items at once. In the afternoon you do a barely noticeable make-up: emphasize either the eyes or the lips.

And how to become beautiful at the age of 12 at school with cosmetics? In this case, you need to be most careful. Use colorless nail polish, the same lip gloss and eyeliner. In rare cases, when you need to hide blackheads, black dots or greasy shine on your face, use powder. For a disco, parties and evening walks, you can make more catchy makeup.

Please note that makeup is not makeup. Many girls emphasize their individuality with black eyes, green nails and bright red lips. Such eccentricity can scare and shock others.

How to become beautiful in 12 years, if you are ugly ...

Alas, you hear such phrases from most teenagers. Each woman experienced a difficult teenage period, but then she turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful princess. And it was not a matter of physical neoplasms, but a restructuring of thoughts.

It must be remembered that ugly girls do not exist! Yes, a hormonal failure in the body can trigger the appearance of acne, acne, and fullness ... But all these problems can be solved over time. Many girls just slander themselves and do not see their beauty. Some people don’t like glasses, others like a full figure, third people have thin legs, fourth people have a nose, fifth people have thin hair, etc.

Here's how to become beautiful in 12 years in 1 day at home in this option? No way! Understand that hormonal, physiological and psychological changes in your body can last a couple more years. You can become a beauty in just one summer, or your transformation will happen within the walls of the university. No doctor will interfere in the process of your growing up, but can only advise you to adjust something.

For example, glasses can be replaced with lenses or a more stylish frame, with sparse hair, make a short fashion haircut or care for them (wash with herbs, make masks), adjust crooked teeth with brackets, curvaceous forms - not with hunger and diets, but with physical activity and healthy lifestyle.

The inner attitude towards oneself forms the outer beauty!

Self-attitude is the foundation of beauty. If you tell yourself daily about your ugliness, you will turn into a monster. Do you know why? Our thoughts are material. When you focus on acne on your face, you do not just say, but confirm the words with negative emotions. Our brain does not understand the irony, it feels your emotional emphasis on acne, and therefore clearly fulfills your requirement, covering the skin with various rashes.

Do not just tell yourself every morning about how you love yourself, but demonstrate it to your body. Start caring for your rare hair, wash it with herbs, do masks and massage your head - and you will see how one fine day they will become thick, strong and healthy.

To be adequate in relation to yourself, write about everything in the diary and paste photos. For example, you decide to lose weight, then measure your parameters in centimeters and weight, attach a photo, and after a month you will see the difference.


“I want to become beautiful!” - every girl says so to herself, but desires without action will not lead you to the result. If this thought began to visit you often, then you need to urgently conduct a psychological adjustment.

First, do the exercise with writing out the shortcomings and advantages, as described in the previous paragraph.

Secondly, for every bad thought about yourself urgently find at least three virtues, learn to tell yourself compliments.

Beautiful clothes, fashionable shoes, expensive jewelry, cosmetics - this is not beauty, but a tool for expressing your personality. Think about how to become beautiful in 12 years without makeup? This means that you need to pay attention to hygiene, beautiful speech, education, nutrition, healthy lifestyles, physical activity, spiritual harmony. Take a look at the beauty contest and see that it’s not enough to be beautiful, you need to be smart and smart, to be able to express your personality.

Basic wardrobe examples

Now I will show you the variability of the basic wardrobe. And believe me, this is not all the combinations that can be made up of this set of things. And if you combine the same “raisins” with these things or supplement each set with different accessories, as I wrote in the last article, the number of combinations increases simply exponentially!

Now look what this small wardrobe can do

Well, there was a desire to review the daughter’s wardrobe? :-) Then go ahead, go ahead with her! And if you need professional help, come to study at the School of Shopping :-)