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Obtaining a driving license (license) in the USA, Maryland, personal experience

A small post from the girl Nina, who for the first time handed over for a driver's license in Maryland. It is worth noting that in different states the conditions for obtaining a driver’s license in the USA are different. Our blog also has articles on US License Test (California) and Russian Driver in America or how I got a Driver License (New York).

Good day. Today I would like to talk about my driver’s license.

Part one.

I started driving only in America and after a year of living I received only student rights. Although I had a green card already in July, and a social security number at the end of July. I still postponed getting a driver’s license for a long time. In mid-September, without even reading the book, I went to MBA (like the Russian traffic police). And immediately did not pass an eye test. Another month, I waited until my husband was ripe for us to go for glasses. As a result, new glasses cost us about 150 dollars. I had never worn glasses before and still get used to them sometimes. Based on the experience of my friend, I only wear glasses when I watch a movie or drive.

In November, I went for the first test. And failed him. I prepared on the phone using the application, did a test there. When I achieved that each test was 100%. I was surprised that such questions turned out to be different. “Well then,” I decided, and went a second time. By the way, you cannot take the test again on the same day. She came a second time and failed again. And again, upset and tearful, she sat at home. Having opened the official website, MBA began there to do the test. Wary only when the questions were the same as in the application. But deciding to take a chance came a third time. Almost passed, but failed anyway. And then my patience snapped. I phoned about 7 translators, I was indignant that ALL translators said large amounts, given that they were far away. As a result, I took a relatively cheap one and went for the test. Maryland makes 3 errors out of 25 questions. I answered correctly 22 questions. With translator. Without reading a book. I can say that I experienced only great relief when a man came out with my test and said "Congratulations."

Now we are driving with my husband, since student rights allow driving only with a driver who has rights, who is older than 21 and has been driving for more than 3 years. Sometimes it’s easy to drive, but today an incident has occurred. I was almost on a bend to the house and the road there has 2 lanes instead of the usual 1. While I was slowing down after the hill, a driver on my right drove in the second lane at great speed. I saw him / her in the mirror and was not nervous. It did not increase speed or change position on the road. And the husband saw him / her only when the car “flew” past us. And he was already scared. Therefore, the first thing I got home, I printed out STUDENT and stuck it on the back of the car. I smile from the fact that tomorrow my husband will go to work, and I will stay at home. And everyone on the road will think that he is a student?

Now my plans are to pass the road test and I hope I will pass it the first time and without an interpreter. It remains only to solve the problem with the beep, which we have broken, because a car without a working signal is not allowed to the road test.

Part two.

I went to school. It turns out that if the first rights, then according to the law of the state of Maryland I am obliged to finish school. 10 days, 3 hours every day. Except Saturday and Sunday. At the end of each lesson was a test of 10 questions on the topic of the lesson. On the last day there was a test of 50 questions. Only 10 errors were allowed. I answered correctly 47 questions. Then she found out that I can rent a school car for $ 110. Thinking, I called there and found out that only on the 20th day there are free cars. As a result, on February 15 (Wednesday), she began phoning all driving schools and finding out about the car. Successfully, I found a driving school, which was right across the road from the MBA and the rent of the car there is already $ 80, although the car is available only from 8 am to 10 pm. I signed up for 9-45 on February 16, called the school and asked if they would give a car for sure. Calming down went to bed. In the morning, a little nervous, I arrived with Uber (taxi service) in MBA. I paid for the car, drove a little and went to MBA to sign up for the test.
The instructor showed what and where is in the car.

And so I sit and wait for the inspector to come.
I slightly lowered the window and turned on what she asked (signal, emergency light, etc.). I only tripped when the inspector asked me to turn on the turn signals, but I did not understand her. I looked with an incomprehensible look, and she pointed to the lever and said, "Press on yourself." I pressed and asked, “Is everything all right? I have not lost points? ". Reassured that no.
The inspector got into the car and we drove off. More precisely, I just released the brake and rolled. I made a check in the garage backwards the first time and was terribly pleased with myself. Then we went to the circle around the MBA and she asked me to go faster. But since the car is new (mine is old), the pedals are very sensitive and I was very afraid to drive faster. Because speed limit is 35 miles per hour. If you drive 37 miles per hour, then you can fail the test. I found where the arrow should be at 32 mph and drove constantly at that speed. At the last traffic light, a red light came on to the MBA (returning). The inspector says, "You can turn if you want." And I told her "no no no .. I'll wait for the green." Points are not removed for this, even if it is allowed to turn to red, you are NOT obligated to do this.

We arrived at the MBA, the instructor asked to get up in the parking lot. She said that everything was fine, but that I was afraid to increase speed. I didn’t tell her that I usually drive 50-70 miles per hour (which is sometimes illegal?). She said that just cars are different + nerves from passing the test. In the end, “Congratulations, you passed. 100%. Here’s the number, go to MBA and wait until they call you. ”

Happy flew out of the car and ran into the building. After a couple of minutes they already called me, they gave me some rights (I apologize, I didn’t understand why they give them, but this is like ordinary rights). I paid an additional $ 15 to deliver plastic rights today. While I was traveling on business, and returned home, plastic rights were waiting for me.

And yesterday, by the way, I spent half the tank driving, drove about 4-5 hours. To have rights is really freedom.

Written by Nina B. Maryland.

Especially for "Russian notes about American life."

Obtaining a student driving license (license) and the process of training in driving in the USA

On Wednesday, we went to the local traffic police, where my daughter filled out documents and took a theoretical exam on car driving on a computer. The exam passed quickly, which is not always the case, two teenagers in front of her came out with sour faces - they failed the exam. On Sunday, we started driving our car through a large empty parking lot. Yesterday, I received by post mail a student license for 2 years, which allows you to ride with an adult driver who has at least 3 years of driving experience. This is a historical event in the life of a teenager in the United States, almost like a passport in the Russian Federation. Yesterday taxied an hour in a small parking lot. It’s good that the machine is automatic, I remember how I was tormented with a broken-up manual gearbox on various instructor cars, including a Korean foreign car ... By the rules, you need to drive 60 hours, 10 of which in the dark. After that, you can go take driving.

New York cars from the air (Times Square)

Obtaining a Temporary Driving License (US) in the USA

The country is highly decentralized, which is sometimes good, and sometimes not very. You can take the theory from 15 to 16, depending on the state, we seem to be from 15 years and 7 months. Temporary rights, taking into account age (up to 18 or 21), do not allow traveling at night without adults. An adult escort signs 60 hours in the magazine, in principle they take a word, but then the instructor with whom you drive around the city checks the driver for 6 hours. He may say that the driver is not skilled enough and will force him to ride with his mom-dad. The test is also different for everyone, in New York my friend rented a ride right in the city without a platform. In my case, a parallel parking lot (the delivery of which we seem to have canceled), then 15 minutes in the city with a moderate number of cars around.

I paid $ 50 for my daughter's student rights. Studying in a driving school - 10 lessons in the class for 3 hours, 6 hours of driving cost about 400 dollars. Traditionally, parents go to the parking lots with teenagers, then on the roads not at rush hours and then they start to ride together to and from school, thus gaining experience and working hours.

Still there are many sites and applications for mobile phones with free practice tests.

Obtaining American rights while driving in Russia

Interestingly, out of six of my acquaintances who drove a car in the USSR or the Russian Federation for 10 years or more, five people gave the driver NOT the first time, and all who did not drive the car (four people) passed the first time. The sample is subjective, but still interesting facts. It seems to me that this is due to the fact that experienced drivers do not learn local rules, such as “swim - we know” and, more importantly, do not prepare for how to DELIVER, what not to do. Knowledge and surrender are two different things. For example, I passed easily, and our friend with 15 years of experience driving a golden-headed, passed the theory 6 times, and not the first one.

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