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How to get rid of drug addiction: quickly and effectively

Treatment of drug addiction requires a planned integrated approach. Any negligence can negate all previous efforts. The psychological component is especially important here, aimed at creating a compelling motivation for the patient to treat - only then he will have the opportunity to get rid of drug addiction.

Addiction leaves a heavy imprint on all areas of the patient's life. It is impossible to delay treatment, otherwise physiological and mental disorders that develop as a result of constant drug use may become irreversible. First of all, it is necessary to convince the patient of the need to see a doctor.

How to make a person get treatment for drug addiction

The patient will until the very last deny the very fact of taking drugs, then the fact of dependence on them, and then the need for placement in a hospital. To resolve the issue faster, you should:

  • To develop and voice a single family position on treatment. If some relatives insist on placing the patient in a hospital, while others insist on “protecting” him, this will only aggravate the situation. Well, if someone talks to the patient whose opinion has weight for him.
  • Choose a clinic or rehabilitation center suitable for conditions and prices in advance.
  • To achieve the basic consent of the addict to treatment, try to convince him to go to the clinic at least for a short while. Mention such an opportunity as anonymous drug addiction treatment.
  • Attract a professional motivational psychologist who goes home.

Psychological addiction treatment

Group support for addicted relatives

Drug addiction treatment is impossible without the involvement of psychologists, since this is a daily work with the patient on his motivation.

There is a misconception that detoxifying the body cures drug addiction. In fact, after detoxification only physiological relief comes, the withdrawal disappears, but the prevailing stereotypes of behavior continue to “live” in the patient’s mind. At this time, the patient should be isolated from the adverse social environment where he could get drugs, a motivating psychologist should work intensively with him, which, while there is time to keep the patient apart from the usual society, sets him up for further rehabilitation programs. That is why the treatment of drug addiction in a hospital under the constant supervision of narcologists and psychologists is the only effective way out. If the patient after detoxification does not end up in a rehabilitation center, but returns home, he is more likely to return to his former way of life.

How to get rid of addiction yourself: tips from former addicts

Always keep in mind the goal: for what you are trying to get rid of drug addiction

IMPORTANT! The addict himself wants to quit drinking less than the people around him - to make him stop addiction. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the desire to quit from you will constantly disappear. Keep your goal in mind. Fix it, repeat. Write down wherever you can. Remind yourself why you need to quit drugs.

The addict is in anticipation of euphoria. As the addicts themselves write on the forums, the soul is completely blocked. And all the attempts of relatives to reach her are smashed to smithereens. The addict simply ignores words, beliefs, scary stories.
Only a situation can stop the addict, and in principle, relatives and friends can create it.

The possibility of outpatient treatment

The principles of drug addiction treatment include the placement of the patient in a hospital. It is better if it is a specialized center for drug addiction treatment, where all the necessary conditions are created, experienced specialists work. Some procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, but already during the rehabilitation period.

Worldwide, according to WHO, despite the fight against drug addiction, there are about 15.3 million people with health disorders caused by the use of psychoactive substances. Therefore, turning a blind eye to the signs of drug addiction in relatives and friends, postponing treatment, hiding the existence of the problem is fatal.

Tips for getting rid of drug addiction. Forum. Experience and reviews of former drug addicts

Is it possible to get rid of drug addiction forever? This is the main question that worries those who are trying to survive withdrawal after drugs. The most difficult thing is not at all in this. Then comes the moment of remission, after which almost 100% of drug addicts again break down. The question is why.

Because life remains exactly the same. And also because drug addicts cannot adapt normally in society. It’s impossible not to talk about your past: after all, someone wants to open their souls. And revealing the soul, drug addicts are faced with negative reactions from others. It is as if an addictive “curse” of society was imposed on drug addicts. And you have to live with this load. This does not contribute to recovery at all.
Social adaptation, in essence, is an attempt to get used to a normal life with ordinary (drug-independent) people.

We repeat that for this we need a partner, a friend who can influence you and love you. He himself should be more established in society, reach out to you and show you the opportunity to live better. This, in principle, can be both a psychologist, if you are willing to pay, and a paid narcologist. And this is a very effective measure. But it’s better if it is just a loving person who, step by step, starts telling you with little things how you can live better.

Today you change clothes and look better. Go visit your friends tomorrow. It will gradually turn out that in life there are many interesting things that bring pleasure. There are goals that you want to achieve.
This is precisely the process of adaptation: life should interest and bring pleasure. And pleasure must be achieved. That there was a thirst for victory, achievements, discoveries. Satisfaction from your victories.

In this sense, computer games are some alternative way to take your psyche. But this is a surrogate and the same addiction, albeit without drugs. It’s also difficult to unlearn games, but still easier than drug addiction, where there is also a dependence on the level of physiology.

Useful Tips

The main advice that former drug addicts give is to arm yourself with patience. Drug addiction will not go away immediately, especially if the length of drug use is long. This is a terrible addiction, which completely subjugates the personality, crushing the psyche and destroying the physiology of a person.

According to statistics, about 70-80,000 people die every year from drugs alone in our country.

It is patience that is primarily necessary in the struggle for a life without drug stimulants. After all, anyone who decides to part with them will have to face such manifestations as:

  1. Attacks of severe irritability.
  2. Aggression towards others.
  3. Painful in its painfulness.

For his entire long journey to a healthy life, the addict must not forget about his goal - to quit drugs. And do it for your own life. For a drug addict, this is very difficult, because such a goal-desire will periodically disappear, disappearing under the indomitable desire to break loose and take the dose again.

Therefore, the first thing to learn is to constantly keep this goal in mind, fixing it there. Constantly remembering why it was decided to part with drugs. According to former addicts, a drug addict is a "person with a blocked soul." And reaching the consciousness of such a person is sometimes extremely difficult. The dependent does not react and does not perceive weighty arguments, frightening stories, supplications, tears of relatives.

Only a certain situation can arouse the desire of a drug addict to return to a clean life, which the patient’s relatives and friends can do.

What is psychological addiction to drugs?

What is the main source of drug, as well as alcohol, tobacco dependence? This is a feeling of pleasure, the euphoria that a person receives at the same time and the memory that contains memories of this feeling and, as a result, the desire to again feel those sensations of flight, euphoria, lightness, freedom.

It is well known that psychological dependence is the main cause of failure in treatment for drug addiction. Because it is she who is the main cause of relapse of drug addiction, i.e. return to drug use, despite the removal of physical dependence (withdrawal syndrome, withdrawal). The addict practically for the rest of his life has consequences from taking drugs in the form of negative specific feelings, but weaker than with “breaking”. (LS research) And most importantly, an irresistible craving or the desire to feel again, or to experience that euphoric narcotic state, or to get away from the existing uncomfortable state of the effects of drugs (psychological dependence). And as a result, the relapse rate is about 60% after four weeks and 97% within twelve months after treatment. Kenna GA, Nielsen DM, Mello P, Schiesl A, Swift RM (2007). "Pharmacotherapy of dual substance abuse and dependence". CNS Drugs 21 (3): 213–37. Department of Community Health, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Treatment of severe forms of addiction (heroin) in most cases does not lead to success. The greatest difficulty in the treatment of drug addiction is a group of people suffering from drug dependence on drugs of the "opium group": morphine, heroin, desomorphine and other drugs with similar pharmacological effects. Sellman D. The 10 most important things known about addiction. Addiction. 2010 Jan, 105 (1): 6–13. Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine, National Addiction Center (NAC), Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reveal the situation

The first thing to do is to understand whether a person is really addicted to drugs and how long he has known them. The main signs of drug addiction are similar. Although there are some differences in physiological manifestations, the psychic reactions in addicts are identical. They are as follows:

  1. Being stoned, a person is in a relaxed and happy state, he may not respond to others.
  2. Pay attention to the look - it is meaningless, glass. Pupils change size (they are narrowed or dilated), completely do not respond to darkness or light. Squirrels may turn red.
  3. The color of the skin is also changing, dry mucous membranes, increased salivation are clearly observed.
  4. A change in the metabolism and thermoregulation of the body when taking the drug is expressed in tremor, digestive problems, chills, manifestation of strange pains, incoherent speech.
  5. The mental state also changes significantly. Drugs act differently in this regard, depending on the phase. Excitement of speech or its inhibition, incoherence may be noted. Mania of persecution, delusional states, hallucinations are manifested. Inadequate behavior, causeless laughter, irritability and aggression become frequent. Addict behavior becomes completely unpredictable.

What needs to be done to get rid of addiction to drugs?

Now there are a huge number of different centers: commercial, state (MLA), religious, centers based on proprietary methods, centers - drug addiction settlements (similar to communes), centers working on foreign methods, centers working on the principle of therapeutic communities (California model - 12 Steps Anonymous addicts).

Basically, all centers do only one thing - they remove physical dependence and after that sometimes there is sometimes a small course of drug addict rehabilitation: the work of psychologists, psychotherapists, and narcologists. Which consists only in the fact that I will give only a few examples:

  • There are 12 steps in the program - a person’s awareness, with the help of some dependent others, of his place in life, his abilities and abilities.
  • In Nazaraliev’s method, there are ordered, directive methods of suggestion, which include one or another form of punishment for the patient if he does not follow the instructions given by the doctor.
  • Coding by Dovzhenko.

But they do not work in any of the drug treatment centers and are not able to work with psychological dependence, the main, main source of a return to drug use, with an irresistible craving or desire to feel again, or to survive that euphoric drug state, or to get away from the existing uncomfortable state, the effects of drugs.

And they do not just do not know how, but also do not understand, do not know what psychological dependence is.

Somehow I tried to talk on one of the well-known medical sites with a not very stupid psychotherapist (psychiatrist). He explained to him in great detail and most importantly the essence of the problem and the need to work with a feeling of euphoria, the desire to feel this feeling in order to get the necessary effect in the treatment of drug addicts, as well as the essence of his method of psycho-correction with these problems. To which he replied that he did not understand what I was talking about and what it was. Honestly, it shocked me a little.

With a sense of euphoria from taking drugs, they worked at the Institute. Ankylosing spondylitis removing the memory of the hedonic effect with the help of: "... Crossings of the gyrus section - crossings of the circle along which pathogen excitation circulates". At the same time, they really got a real effect. According to the patient: "... I remember that I injected myself, I know how to do this, but why I don’t remember ... What a high I can’t remember." But the disadvantage of this procedure is that you can not try the drug, because euphoria, craving for this sensation is immediately restored, because transection does not alter the receptors affected by the drug. And after the first test, the person again becomes a drug addict. N.P.Ankylosing spondylitis"Healthyandsickbrainof man"L., 1980.

What is the advantage of "deep psychocorrection"?

A unique method of deep psychocorrection allows you to work very accurately and subtly with any element of perception or sensation, emotion, need, reaction, etc. Which ultimately makes it possible to remove or remake any sensation, emotion, reaction.

When working with addiction, the method of "Deep Psychocorrection", the effect of drugs is redone for a negative feeling. And this is not based on suggestion, but on a real alteration, with a real corresponding reaction and biochemical processes in the body.

To do this, work (psychocorrection) is carried out directly with the situation, which is the primary source of euphoria, captured in memory. Working with all the elements in this situation, the effect of the drug, we change the sensitivity of the receptors and the effect of the effects of the drug.

Which ultimately leads to the fact that after psychocorrection, a person can’t just not remember the feeling of euphoria, but recalls the situation of taking the drug with severe (depending on what worked) discomfort. In addition, not only the memory of taking drugs causes discomfort, but also the direct use of the drug is accompanied by severe discomfort, fear and other negative sensations (depending on need).

Make sure of addiction

You can get full confidence in the unhealthy passion of a person by some signs. The drug addict begins to lead a secret life from loved ones.Strange telephone conversations, evening sudden meetings should alert. Sometimes incomprehensible objects are found in the apartment:

  • ampoules
  • syringes
  • small knives
  • burnt spoons
  • empty pill blisters
  • small plastic bags
  • packaging and boxes with the remains of strange grass or powder.

The whole home of the addicted gradually turns into a cluttered corner, overflowing with dirty things, strange smells. The addict ceases to pay attention to honesty and order. Understand what’s going wrong with a person by the abundance of various small debris and chaos.

What should not be done

To get rid of drug addiction was successful, you can not lose the confidence of the patient. And to save it in such conditions is very difficult. Therefore, in order to preserve trust, relatives need to know what is not worth talking about and how to behave competently. The following actions become harmful and completely useless in relation to addicts:

  • pressure and attempts to play pity,
  • threats and aggressive warnings,
  • constant monotonous and boring notations,
  • attempts to completely control a person.

In this situation, it is imperative to limit the free access of the dependent to the family budget. To deprive the addict of the right to sign any important securities for the sale of large items, property and real estate. All opportunities to pick up, sell, give away should be limited as much as possible.

Arm yourself with patience

The relatives of the addict will have to stock up on such an important talent. Relatives need to be mentally prepared for a long time living and communicating with a patient, and then a recovering person. You should know and be prepared for the fact that sometimes when a person is cured of drug addiction, an individual can have unreasonable aggression for months.

This condition should be taken as a given and symptomatic of an existing disease. You can’t try to reason the convalescent person, let alone put pressure on his situation and mistakes. Such behavior increases the chance of the patient being disrupted and returning to the previous drug existence..

Understand themselves

Before trying to help a loved one, delve into your own subconscious. And why did you reach the developed and already neglected situation? Why do you continue to live with a drug addict? It is necessary to understand and identify your own problems hidden deep in your soul. To do this, you should talk with psychologists, study the forums of former drug addicts, and feel their life before and after. Thus, relatives better recognize the “inside out” of the addict and determine the correct behavioral position.

How to overcome drug addiction

In rehabilitation centers, after a complete drug dependence course, each patient is given a list of “borders” on their hands. That is, a list of events and places, situations that can return the idea to the return of drugs. Such a list can be made independently. Recall the conditions that preceded the drug, the people who brought the potion, the places where you met them. Always remember this and never return to such conditions.

To quit drug addiction on your own, you need to arm yourself with psychological support.

Each person has developed psychological rigidity. That is, a slowdown in the case of a person switching to a new and still unfamiliar method of behavior. This feature is important for the person, in the absence of it, it would simply turn into a soulless robot.

But such a talent becomes an obstacle, especially in the fight against drug addiction. Suppose, if a person previously ordered himself a drug dose via the Internet, in order to not repeat the situation, you should limit yourself in access to online resources. If the usual route to the house runs along the path where drug addicts live, you should choose a different road. And ideally, change your place of residence altogether.

You should also do the rest of the things that remind you of taking the drug and subsequent euphoria (music, atmosphere, even food). All this should be replaced or even removed from life. But, of course, such conditions do not apply to family members. With loved ones, on the contrary, seek support.

Support for loved ones

To overcome addiction, help needs to be found not only among family members. A good option is to have close contact with a person who is close in spirit, with a former drug addict who has gone through the path of treatment and rehabilitation. Such a person is familiar with all the condition that the addict experiences. His advice, support is extremely important in this painful period of the struggle for a clean life.

A new acquaintance should know absolutely everything about the life of an addict. There is no reason to hide or hide anything. After all, it is impossible to help with advice or word to a person who hides painful grievances about the past, hard memories that are the true reasons for starting drug use.

A new friend should not only trust, but also be sure of his reliability. And it is better to look for it among volunteers working in rehabilitation centers or anonymous drug addiction assistance groups. It will be much easier for such individuals to understand the addict and really help.

Should I use drug therapy

Many people ask how to get rid of drug addiction at home with medication. In this case, you will have to seek help from a qualified narcologist.

Self-medication and self-administration of medications for yourself in the fight against drug addiction is categorically unacceptable.

There is a logical explanation for such a ban. After all, the medicines used by doctors in therapy are potent and aggressive drugs. Medications that block cravings and cravings for stimulants themselves are similar substances. There are times when a drug addict simply replaces one addiction with another, already drug. It should also be remembered that all these drugs have extensive lists of side effects.

And, if they are taken illiterately, the situation will only worsen significantly. It is impossible to predict exactly how the body will react to this kind of medication. A narcologist, prescribing a particular drug, relies on the results of the examination and the state of human health. At home, this is simply impossible.

Side unpleasant manifestations also exist in completely harmless herbs, dietary supplements. Do not forget that any medicine primarily heals the body, but not the soul. Therefore, until the drug addict himself is determined and comes to a firm and final decision to end the drugs, there will be no sense in treatment.

By the way, a doctor should be visited anyway. First of all, for the appointment of auxiliary and necessary for the treatment of drugs. After all, the same dietary supplements, multivitamin complexes, medicinal decoctions will be good helpers in strengthening a tired and weakened body. But as for the tablets, they should be taken strictly as prescribed by the doctor.

So is it possible to get rid of drug addiction on your own and fighting this misfortune alone? The answer becomes clear and obvious - no. Only with the support of relatives, understanding of loved ones, the advice of like-minded friends does victory over mortal evil become possible. But the addict himself must take the main step towards recovery - it is to convince himself and understand that life without oppression of narcotic drugs is much better, brighter and more interesting than existence for the sole purpose - where to get the next dose.