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How to quit smoking - weed - yourself?

Although marijuana is less addictive and not physically as dangerous as many illegal drugs, it can develop into a bad habit that is uncontrollable and detrimental to daily activities, social interactions, and physical abilities. This is especially true for smokers who have been smoking for years. If you or your loved one is a heavy marijuana smoker, you should know that you can quit this habit and, even easier than many other drugs, start with step 1.

How marijuana affects the human body

"Grass" is considered a soft drug. Some countries allow legal use. But this is an insidious plant. Already after 1.5-2 months it is impossible to live without it. When consumed, serotonin is produced - a hormone of joy. Whoever experienced such a happy state will want to return to it again and again.

10-15 minutes after taking a dose, people are immersed in another reality. Feelings are becoming brighter, the world began to sparkle with new colors. Everything around seems funny and funny. 4 hours such euphoria lasts when the body works well and everything is fine around.

This condition is typical for beginners. After a few months, the number of cigarettes is increased to prolong the high effect.

Characteristic signs that a person is "hooked" on the grass:

  • coordination disappears,
  • drowsiness occurs
  • abnormal fun or aggression, nervousness,
  • lost orientation in time and space,
  • sexual dysfunction occurs: in women, menstrual cycle disorder, in men, potency decreases,
  • under the influence of carbon monoxide heart disease, laryngeal cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, hypertension,
  • mental health suffers: people live in parallel reality, become social outcasts.

Hemp lovers believe that they have no addiction, that quitting smoking is easy.

Is there no dependency?

The forums are discussing how to quit smoking weed. Smokers discuss with experience whether marijuana is addictive.

Here is the cry of the soul of one of them:

“Guys, this is all rubbish and game. Time will pass and you will search the Internet for easy ways to quit smoking marijuana, but they are not. I'm already scared, I need to tie, but I do not know how. Guys, never start! ”

Another participant writes:

“There is a dependence, but not immediately, and when it appears, you won’t even notice how it happened. For you lose everything! ”

Participants in the forums note that over six months, smoking becomes dull, constantly talking only about one thing, about the grass.

“Who says there is no addiction, lies, they are too stupid. Over time, it will enter your life and become it! ”Any avid hemp lover can subscribe to these words.

According to one of them:

“It seems that the beast is sitting inside - everything hurts, makes you sick, cold sweat in buckets, insomnia torments. Only sleeping pills help. ”

Stop smoking weed - for what

When enlightenment comes, looking around, the smoker sees that his peers have succeeded in life, have started families, children, and made a career. Live a full healthy life. At such moments, a decision is made to quit smoking hemp is necessary.

By this time he was tired of such a life. Already switched to strong hash, lost interest in everything. There are changes in consciousness, physical exhaustion has come.

Motivation cycles are age dependent. For young people, this is:

  • health care, appearance,
  • getting an education
  • creating a family with your girlfriend,
  • playing sports.

The suffering of relatives makes us reconsider our attitude to grass. For older people it is important:

  • career success
  • care for family and loved ones,
  • health problems.

If there is no incentive, then quitting is difficult. In such cases, hemp is stopped smoking for only a few days. The stronger the desire and the more serious the motive, the greater the chance of a result.

How to quit weed smoking yourself

It is impossible to quit smoking marijuana quickly. If addiction has existed for several years, then quitting in one day is impossible.

The recommendation of doctors is to gradually reduce the dose. If you smoked 3-4 cigarettes a day, then reduce the first week to 1-2. Next week, one at a time. Then in a day.

We must not forget about the goals that we set for ourselves. After a complete cancellation will be difficult. Irritability, bad mood, insomnia accompany a person who has decided to quit smoking marijuana on his own. At this point, it is better to seek the help of a psychologist.

Side effects will affect physical well-being. Symptoms of withdrawal:

  • headache,
  • fatigue,
  • lack of appetite,
  • constant thirst.

Remove from the home the attributes of a past life, everything that recalls a past life. Throw away stocks of grass, pipes, etc.

Erase vendor numbers from the telephone. One of the main actions is to change the circle of friends, not to communicate with former friends, to find like-minded people among friends who want to quit smoking marijuana on their own.

Useful Tips

People who quit smoking marijuana have many questions. How to behave when an irresistible desire arises?

Here is the advice of the person who has gone through this period - to do a breathing exercise: a deep, slow breath, holding your breath, slow exhaling. This exercise mimics a puff. The desire to smoke weed passes.

You should not feel hungry. It provokes smoking.

The diet of such people to cleanse the body:

  1. eat more liquid foods, eat vegetables and fruits,
  2. ginger and garlic disgust a cigarette,
  3. dairy products are healthy, remove toxins,
  4. eat sweets, chocolate.

You need to see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe antidepressants, sleeping pills. Use medications to help cope with addiction.

The support of loved ones is important during this period. A person must change negative thoughts into positive ones that set up a new life.

How to live further

There must be a goal for which he decided to quit smoking marijuana. After refusal, there is a feeling of emptiness. Fill the void:

  • communication with people who have long quit smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle,
  • playing sports helps relieve stress, yoga brings thoughts to normal,
  • hypnosis in a specialized clinic will set consciousness for a new life.

It must always be remembered that a repetition of a bad habit is possible and that you do not need to allow yourself a single puff in the future!

Why quit smoking hemp?

You can start smoking cannabis to get away from reality or relax in the company of friends. But at some point only weed is already missing. With some, addiction goes through life, while others are pushed to harder drugs.

The consequences can be critical, for the dangers of substances such as hemp are warned for a reason. Quitting smoking becomes more difficult, as the body quickly gets used to hash. Tolerance to the drug increases, you yourself do not notice that you begin to take it more often.

A person caught in the loop of constant use, ceases to have emotional needs in a relationship, does not want to do work, does everything after the sleeves. Having started to take the plan, a person sinks to the very social bottom, because his ambitions and desires to move on are dissolved in narcotic smoke.

It has a negative effect on mental health, many herbal smokers are victims of chronic depression, which is even more difficult to cure than marijuana addiction.

How to deal with addiction?

To start treatment, you need to realize that you really need it. The first steps are psychological.

You can start getting rid of addiction with the following steps:

  • Examination of the effects of smoking.

You yourself may have noticed that the physical and psychological condition worsened. A depressive pit drags in, the head hurts without a new self-roll, overcomes a constant cough. Getting pleasure from something else becomes difficult, the drug also ceases to bring it: the production of serotonin, the hormone of joy, is inhibited.

  • Understanding what led to abuse.

Understand yourself. Systematic smoking of weed is usually caused by the desire to hide from real problems, in life or in the head. Remember, under what circumstances did you get acquainted with the drug, why did you take such a step.

Stop smoking at the same time as solving life problems, because otherwise you will return to cannabis again.

  • The right motivation and search for support.

Quitting smoking grass on your own is almost impossible, if no one helps to get rid of addiction, and you have not found the necessary motivation. Imagine what you can do if the drug chains stop holding back.

Ask loved ones to watch the process, give them a promise to abandon the grass.

Get rid of the drug

It is necessary to treat addiction slowly, in stages. Everyone who quit smoking knows that with a sharp attempt to engage in methodical abuse, the probability of a breakdown is almost one hundred percent.

You can break down for several days, but a strong physical and psychological desire is prompted to acquire a dose. The addiction took place gradually, the addiction also needs to be carried out slowly and systematically.

The recommendations of narcologists include the following:

  • Make yourself get rid of any stash (do not smoke, but throw it away).
  • Take away everything that might be tempting to drag out again: addiction films, photos, music that you listened to high.
  • Begin to reduce the dose of the drug so that the body gradually weaned.
  • Get light, natural, sedative medications suitable for home use without the close supervision of a psychiatrist.
  • Enlist the support of loved ones who can inquire about your condition - it will be more difficult to get rid of a bad habit on your own, without the attention of relatives and friends.
  • Set the conditions for how to reward yourself if you hold out (or punish - breaking).
  • When you can’t cope on your own, visit the clinic: modern narcology and psychiatry have real opportunities to help drug addicts.

The average duration of weaning is 15-20 days. The term depends on how young you are and how much you smoke. The brain, accustomed to receiving a dose, recovers more slowly than other physical systems.

Addiction - The scourge of the modern generation. Adolescents easily fall under addiction, bending under the pressure of friends who claim that there is nothing dangerous in marijuana. Heavier substances come for weed, it becomes impossible to exist without constant buzz, and the consequences can be dire.

If you have all the signs of dependence on a plan, you should start looking for motivation to abandon it. Contact specialists in a drug treatment clinic, and after undergoing treatment, follow the prevention advice received from doctors.

The course of rehabilitation will be difficult, but if you manage, life will again sparkle with bright colors!