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How to learn to play baseball

People who want to learn how to play basketball should consider many features regarding the rules and situations that arise during the game.

Depending on the level at which the game will be played, the degree of preparation is determined. The main nuances relate specifically to the ball. To learn how to play, you need to learn basic rules.

Having briefly studied the basic rules, and making first successes on the field, it will be possible to proceed to grinding the equipment. First, techniques are studied regarding dribbling and contact with a player from another team. At the very beginning, it is worth highlighting five main components for training. If you master these points, then this is enough for a beginner to play.

Basketball rules for beginners:

SituationsBasic rules and features
Throw the ball and hit the basketThe skill of hitting the ball in the basket must be honed from different positions of the field. You need to be able to get into the basket from different distances.

A point counts with a direct hit and a rebound from the shield. It is important to be able to throw the ball into the basket from a place and in motion.

There are situations when you have to make a free throw, and this requires accuracy and certain skills.

Kick the ballIt should be remembered that moving with the ball around the court is limited: you can just take two steps with two hits on the floor.

Sports equipment cannot be driven with two hands. Running is prohibited. This is a major violation.

It is important that the bounce of sports equipment from the floor does not exceed the player’s height and is better if this height corresponds to the position of the hand.

You should strive to lead the ball without paying direct attention to it - tracking is carried out by lateral vision.

It is worth considering that there is a “30 second rule”.

During this time, the player who owns the ball must make a throw in the basket.

Passing and receiving the ballThe basic principle of a basketball game is to deftly and quickly pass the ball to a player who is closer to the opponent’s ring.

In this case, the player himself must, within a short time, change the location so as to open for the pass.

All movements must be made quickly and efficiently. Sports equipment is not with the palm of your hand, but with your fingertips.

Matching the ball after the reboundDuring the game, the ball often does not hit the basket immediately, so the inventory bounces.

At this point, you should quickly pick up the ball and continue the game.

This is important to take into account, since in the case of an unsuccessful throw, the game does not stop, but continues.

Selection skill is a characteristic of the player and the team.

Time without a ballIn the hands of each player, the ball is only a few seconds.

The rest of the time, each team member must carry out an attack on an opponent, open to receive a pass, move around the court and take the most advantageous position.

Do not relax if the ball is with another player, as the transmission can be lightning fast.

Rules for a successful team game

A platform for two teams in the process of playing basketball becomes a battlefield. To win, you need to plan the right strategy. General recommendations for the proper conduct of the game.

In addition to following the set strategy and following the rules, you need to follow the game of the opposing team. They can break the rules, and the judge can not always see it. For this, there will be points that will push the other team away from victory. A high-quality game can cause defeat.

The modern advice of the best trainers consists in the following aspects:

    Correctly organize the interaction of players in the team. Everyone should know their main functions and locations during the game, as well as perform them in a quality manner.

Psychological preparation is also important: no one should be afraid of the ball, normal friendly microclimate between the participants, normal perception of the audience.

  • The team must have a specific leader who will lead the process.. If there are several of them, then there will definitely not be coherence in the team, which means actions will be uncoordinated.
  • You need to know the rules for earning points for getting into the basket: an exact hit from the penalty line will bring the team one point. Hit from close or long distance will bring only 2 points.

    The largest number of points is 3. They can be obtained if you get into the basket from a distance of almost 6.5 meters, that is, from three points line. In the midst of the game fouls and outcrops for the marked area of ​​the court may occur. In this case, the player of the team who takes sports equipment back to the game is determined.

    The representative is determined by the judge. By the way, it is better not to argue with the decisions of the judge. This may result in disqualification or transfer of the ball to opponents.

  • All team members should learn the basic terms and definitions.that are used to denote certain situations. The correct and responsible approach to learning the game is already half the success.
  • During training and training, it’s worth training not only in one position. It is important to try to play in different positions. The more varied the training takes place, the better and more accurate the actions will be performed during the game.
  • In accordance with these recommendations, they usually train children who come to the coach to begin the “career” of a professional player. If you learn the basic nuances and rules, then everyone can play, even an adult.