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Capture of the head is a very powerful asphyxiation. If your opponent or attacker is attempting such a takeover, you should make every effort to avoid it. With a few key maneuvers, you can almost always dodge to some extent, even if the attacker is larger than you.

The basics of self-defense - exit from grabbing behind the neck from behind (streetthai)

Such a situation can be in different circumstances and conditions, so with what force to use self-defense skills on the street you need to look at the situation.

Often friends who want to show off in front of the others can grab from the back of their neck and try to strangle or tumble to the ground. It may not be pleasant and humiliating for you, but knowing self-defense techniques, you can adequately get out of this situation.

Also in a more serious situation, namely in a street fight, a situation may arise that your opponent grabs you from behind your neck in the course of the fight - this is already more serious, since he can knock you down to the ground and start adding you, I gave you video self-defense lesson on the street, in which he showed "protection from finishing strikes"!

Also quite often in street battlesIt happens that initially you go out to fight one on one, but when applying effective battle system, such as "streetthai", you start to win, then the aggressor's friends can help him and suddenly run up behind, grabbing his neck, and from this you need to quickly and clearly apply self defense system!

Write in the comments under video lesson "The basics of self-defense - exit from the grab at the back of the neck (streetthai)", have you had such a situation in your life! Enjoy your viewing and good luck with your workouts!

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