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8 tricks to look sexy every day

How to look sexy: 10 quick and easy tips

Of course, you do not need advice on how to be sexy. Every woman has inner sexuality and knows about it. However, sometimes we want to look even sexier - not like usual.

Imagine that you want to shine at some event or are going on a first date ... To do this, you can add some touches to your image or fundamentally change the style. You decide! This article contains the best tips so that you not only look, but also feel the most coveted, sexiest, most confident woman on the planet!

Lace is not just a fashion trend of the season

This is a really image-transforming detail. It is enough to put on a lace top or dress, and in an instant you will turn from an ordinary woman into a tender seductress. Wearing lace details and elements is a way to express your femininity. When you are lace, the movements automatically become softer and you yourself are filled with inner romantic sensations. And lace clothing has a magical effect on men, because most men represent and fantasize about what is under them. See how sexy Minka Kelly looks in a blue lace dress.

Play with your eyes

As a rule, men are attracted to women with large eyes, full lips and large breasts, because they look young and sexy. And these are signs of fertility and the presence of a high level of estrogen - the main attributes for mating. Try picking and applying shimmering shades of brown shades to create a seductive, but unobtrusive smoky eye makeup, like Mila Kunis.

Let your lips look voluminous

Salma Hayek shared a secret as she visually makes her lips fuller. She emphasizes the lips with a flickering shine, applying it to the middle of each lip. When light hits the face, flicker is reflected from the bends of the lips, creating the illusion of smoothness and volume.

Play with a neckline

As for the cutout on the chest, the main thing here is balance. If the neckline is too frank, then you run the risk of seeming frivolous and thirsty for adventure. And the lack of a cutout will create the image of a strict, businesslike and, most likely, “busy” lady. Therefore, it is necessary to find such an option when the neckline does not look vulgar, while slightly teasing the mind, creating room for imagination. Cutout Malin Akerman, revealing, shows a top made in the style of underwear, which looks very chic and sexy at the same time. Remember the rule, do not try to flaunt all your virtues. Be mysterious. However, a hint at the presence of magnificent forms is still worth it. For a better effect, try applying a light shimmering cream to the neckline.

Dissolve the hair on one side

Long hair for many men is one of the main points in determining sexuality. And if you dissolve them on one side, you can display the beauty of the open shoulders. Be sure to look extremely seductive, shrugging your bare shoulders and stroking straight into the eyes. This is a kind of flirting technique. See how Emmanuelle Chriqui looks - her style, hairstyle and look are both inviting and captivating.

Wear red

There are many different rumors about the color red. Basically, they are all about how men react to red underwear or clothes. There is an opinion that the male part of the population believes that women who wear red are more attractive and sexually desired. So, if you want to look sexier, then take the example of Jennifer Lawrence - her red dress is certainly elegant and at the same time, incredibly sexy.

Wear a sexy scent

Fragrances can enhance a man’s sexual desire for a woman. But be careful, you just need to emphasize the aroma of your body. If you overdo it with the amount of perfume, you can scare away not only potential fans, but also your friends will run away. Try to adhere to subtle and understandable aromas, such as vanilla, rose, orange or lavender.

Let your hair shine

Silky and shiny hair testifies to female health and sexuality. And you can flirt, seductively playing with your hair. To make your hair shine, you can use special cosmetics, for example, serum with shine, spray shine or hair oil with shine. Even if your hair is regularly styled and dyed, it is quite capable of sparkling, like Shay Mitchell.

Add unique details.

A hat or an elegant accessory with an unusual logo or inscription can also contribute to flirting. Pay attention to the jewelry of Kim Kardashian in gold in the Egyptian style. The main thing is to make sure that the jewelry fits into your image, combined with clothing and style. The point is that thanks to unusual accessories you will stand out from the crowd. And your interesting decoration can serve as an occasion to start a conversation.

Choose high-heeled shoes

All women know about the stunning effect of high-heeled shoes. Remember this, when you are about to go out, you will pick up shoes. Do not be lazy and give preference to real women's shoes. After all, it is simply impossible not to feel sexy in a pair of elegant pumps in high heels. Such shoes change gait and posture, emphasizes the chest and highlights the hips, making the woman more attractive and sensual. At the same time, the legs in such shoes look longer, thinner and more elegant. A photo of Leah Michelle in tall silver boats confirms this, right?


We offer you eight female tricks that will always help to remain sexy and attractive. The beauty that will be available to you every day.

Women strive to look attractive and sexy every day. But we all understand: this is a work that requires effort, time, finances and the desire to regularly adhere to certain rules. If you want to look attractive, fresh and semolina all the time, our rules will help ease a difficult women's task. Especially for you, we have picked up tips to help you easily start your attractive morning.

Take care of your hair in advance

The difficult task is to put your hair in order in the morning. Our advice: go to the hair stylist and find a haircut option that requires minimal involvement in styling. If you have a long head of hair, it is not necessary to build complex stylings on your head every day. Loose clean hair is the perfect solution for the look. Learn to weave braids, make bunches. Take care of the purity of curls in the evening, so that in the morning time would be spent on solving other problems.

Bet on fresh light makeup

In a world where cosmetics are cultivated, and the rules of facial contouring are learned like prayers, naturalness is increasingly attracted to it. True sexuality is emphasized, but not covered with several layers of foundation and powder. Choose light professional products - they lie on the skin without the effect of a mask, look natural. Refuse multilayer make-up - just even out the tone of the face, emphasize the eyes and cheekbones. And we also recommend choosing tints with the effect of “kissed lips” - they give the image a piquancy, sexuality. The final touch is a soft, radiant highlighter. For the evening, try a moisturizer.

Choose the right underwear

If you have a little excess weight, wrinkles on the stomach and voluminous hips, do not try to wrap it all in hoodies and shapeless things. Corrective underwear remarkably evens out the silhouette, eliminates all causes for concern. Buy two or three sets of different types and wear dresses, skirts, tight-fitting suits. This will expand your “feminine” wardrobe - every day you will choose stylish things that emphasize the dignity of the figure. In general, we advise: give up volumetric models. Oversize is so fashionable today that not everyone is wearing it correctly. You need to have a colossal taste in order to make a sexy, attractive image from these clothes. And it does not hurt to take into account the opinion of men: between a tight-fitting dress and a huge sweater, they will choose the former.

Pay attention to your psychological state.

Tense and nervous woman does not look sexy and attractive. Relaxation, a feeling of happiness on the face, smooth movements, calm speech - all this gives the image of cat habits, so beautiful and attractive to others. But you will achieve this effect only if you take up your inner state. Eliminate all stress factors, communicate with positive people, engage in hobbies. If you learn to enjoy every day and stay in a calm, harmonious state, people will look at you differently.

Get enough sleep

Healthy sleep is a guarantee that in the morning you get up in high spirits, without a puffy face and red eyes. And this is a necessary base for natural makeup and a fresh look. Sleep in a ventilated room, on a comfortable mattress - this will keep you in shape, maintain a balance between rest and work. A recommendation from us: buy yourself luxurious bedding and breathtaking nightdresses, peignoirs. Surrounding yourself with beauty during falling asleep and awakening, you create a wonderful inner state that affects the appearance and your own sense of sexuality.

Work on your voice

Many women have a high timbre and the habit of talking quickly. This does not give the image of sexuality, but the situation is improving. Engage in voice-over - go to special courses or do the exercises yourself. The purpose of the exercises is to lower the timbre, to learn to talk calmly, without sudden jumps, measuredly and smoothly. At first, you will experience difficulties from constant monitoring of the situation, but over time, a new style of conversation will become a habit - it develops in the same way as pure speech without an accent during a conversation in a foreign language. Remember: your voice should be pleasant, enveloping, but not deliberately sexual - then people may not understand.

Wear heels only if you know how to wear them

Many women are mistaken when they think that it is impossible to create a sexual image without heels. Yes, this is an important weapon in a female appearance, but only when you know how to move beautifully and gracefully in such shoes. Not all women are accustomed to such a test, someone does not have the ability to use heels due to physical characteristics, illness. If heels are uncomfortable, contribute to extreme fatigue, do not allow you to move freely and smoothly, refuse them without a doubt. In shoes on a flat woman is also sexy, if she has excellent control over her body, takes care of her appearance and exudes relaxation, calmness.

Do not compare yourself with others

Constantly comparing, we adopt other people's images, habits that seem successful to us. But the first thing you should do is listen to yourself: body, mood, sensations. Stay where you enjoy, not where it’s fashionable. Communicate with those people who cause pleasant feelings. Every day present yourself with pleasant trifles and circumstances - then your image will conquer more than one heart.